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5th Grade Programs At RHEC

5th grade programs offered by the RHEC are aligned to the Florida State Science Standards, and are offered to complement existing classroom curricula. Upon scheduling the fielld trip to RHEC teachers may choose 3 programs in which their students will participate. Please note that some programs may be changed for rainy days.


Carnivorous Plants

These amazing plants eat bugs! You will be fascinated by our local species of carnivorous plants, including bladderworts, pink sundew, thread-leaf sundew as well as the endangered pitcher plants; the white-topped pitcher plant, the purple pitcher plant, and the parrot pitcher plant. We will take a journey to visit these interesting plants in the bog. This class introduces students to wetlands (bogs, marshes, swamps) and teaches them about the adaptations that living things make according to the environment in which they live.



Your class will become scientists!  They will use scientific equipment and make scientific observations while they investigate and measure both living and non-living components within three different ecosystems: pond, forest, and meadow. Using both observation and precise measurements students will collect, record, analyze and compare and contrast the data.



Why does a plant have a stem?  Is a flower just to make the plant pretty?  Learn the

parts of the plant as well as their functions while also learning how to use a microscope and the parts of a microscope.  Students will be using a microscope to look inside the wonderful world of the plant.  They will also use a model of a flower to learn about the parts of the flower and their functions as well.  Students will compare the reproductive cycle of a flowering plant and a plant with spores, such as a fern!


Raptors...Birds of Prey!

Did you know that raptors are birds of prey such as eagles, hawks, osprey, and owls?  Students will learn all about predators and prey as well as various bird adaptations.  They will understand that raptors are top predators and therefore are considered an indicator as to the health of an ecosystem.  Finally student will have the opportunity to meet one of our resident Eastern Screech Owls!  


Rocks Rock!

Rocks rock!  Did you know that igneous rocks can change to sedimentary rock which can then change into metamorphic rock?  Do you know how long it takes for a rock to go through the rock cycle?  Students will learn all about the rock cycle….. THEN they will make a replica of the rock cycle and actually get to experience how a rock goes through the entire rock cycle!


Water Pollution

Learn about watersheds from a model of our community and how we are affected by point source and non-point source water pollution. Students will study the water cycle and the effects of human activities. They will discuss run-off and the effects it has on our watersheds.  Finally they will discuss what they, as fifth graders can do to help.

thread leaf sundew.jpg