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SS.7.C.3.6 - The Impact of Constitutional Rights

What You Need to Know:

Student Review Reading for SS.7.C.3.6

Evaluate constitutional rights and their impact on individuals and society.


Benchmark Clarifications:

  • Students will recognize how individual rights shape involvement in the social, political, and economic systems. Read more!
  • Students will recognize how the social, political, and economic systems in the United States are dependent upon individual rights. Read more!
  • Students will use scenarios to recognize and/or evaluate options for exercising constitutional rights. Read more!
  • Students will evaluate the impact of the government upholding and/or restricting individual constitutional rights. Read more!

Example One (Low Complexity)

Which individual protection is found in the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?

A. privacy rights

B. property rights

C. forced internment

D. civil disobedience


Example Two (Moderate Complexity)

Which action represents an individual exercising a constitutional right?

A. summary judgment

B. quartering soldiers

C. civil disobedience

D. double jeopardy


Example Three (High Complexity)

What has been one long-term result of the constitutional protection of free speech?

A. fewer court cases involving minors

B. fewer laws limiting minority rights

C. a more accurate election

D. a more informed society


C.3.6 - Vocabulary

escambia_homepage final.jpg

Discovery Education


  • Civil Disobedience, Encyclopedia Article

Civics on Demand

Additional Resources

Check out this one page Guide to the U.S. Constitution!


Textbook Review


Chapter 2, Section 3 - p. 43-48

Chapter 3, Section 3 - p. 99-102

Chapter 4, Section 1 & 2 - p. 110-122