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Comprehensive Planning

The Office of Continuous Improvement for the Escambia County School District includes the offices of School Improvement, Student Records, School Choice, and ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

Tutorial Video for Data Visualizations Now Available

School Leadership Teams,


As the State's Department of Education and Bureau of School Improvement strive to enhance the School Improvement Process, they actively tweak the SIP website. This year, they have incorporated some new tools and enhancements in the website that enhance leadership teams' abilities to readily access and utilize relevant data to help guide them through the 8-step Problem Solving Process.


To help foster meaningful discussion and goal development at your schools, the Escambia County School District's Office of School Choice has created a video tutorial that walks users through the data visualization tools that are available on the site.


The video tutorial is accessible online through two channels.


If you have access to YouTube (either on or off campus), you can access the video with this link: .


If you can't access that video, it is also available here on our School Improvement website, in the "Continuous Improvement Locker" portion of this web page, over on the right.


-Joel Dean Hollon

Educational Data Specialist

The Office of Continuous Improvement

2014-2015 School Improvement Plans are Now Accessible

As another school year dawns, so does the School Improvement Plan process. Your leadership teams will be pleased to hear that the template from last year has (for the most part) remained intact! The FLDOE has introduced some additional tools to help your school visualize and analyze key data elements, to get focused on your school's greatest needs, and to navigate through the 8-step planning/problem solving process.
Some of the data and responses from last year's SIP has been copied over and pre-populated into this year's SIP template, although you will have the ability to alter that data as needed. (Woo hoo!!!) Furthermore, the state promises that additional data and tools will be added to the site in the weeks to come.
One of the greatest shifts this year will be in how we view and use performance data. Because of the changes in assessments for this school year, the state is focusing on improvement in state percentile ranking for each of the measured performance areas. As this is a new way of viewing school performance, we will be working closely with the FLDOE to ensure that leadership teams are provided with the online tools and resources to make the best use of the percentile ranking data that is already embedded in the new SIP site.
In the coming days, more detailed information will be sent out to school administrators from our office (as well as the FLDOE) to help schools navigate through this year's SIP. To get you started on the right foot, here are some pointers:
1) The SIP site has a new address. It is now Our office only recommends that you use Google CHROME to access the site.
2) To log in, use your full ECSD email address (mine is and your password. (If you have forgotten your password, there is a link on the site to reset your password.)
3) Once you are in, you will need to create a new plan. Click "Plans", then click the green "+ New Plan" button. Leave the default settings as they are, then click the blue "Create Plan" button to continue.
4) Remember to save, save, save.
5) Click the Account-->Manage Users link to view the users at your school who have rights to access and modify your school's SIP. If you would like to add a user, you may do so using the green "+ New User" link.
As always, an invitation is extended to all SIP-ers to attend any of the scheduled informal "come-and-go as you please" open lab sessions in the Windows Lab here in the Hall Center. Many school leaders use this time as an opportunity to take a few uninterrupted hours to work alone (or with other SIP-ers) to make progress on their school's plan. I will be on hand in each of these sessions to assist and learn with you through the SIP process.
The lab will be open for walk-in SIP-ers during the following dates/times (half-days/whole days):
August 19, 1:00-6:00
August 21, 1:00-6:00
August 28, 1:00-6:00
September 4, 8:00-6:00
September 5, 1:00-6:00
September 15, 8:00-6:00
While schools will maintain the ability to revisit and modify their SIPs throughout the school year (and are encouraged to do so), we are requiring that all schools submit a complete and SAC-approved SIP online no later than Friday, September 19, 2014. Be aware that the State Board of Education is expected to approve the general layout and requirements of the SIP on September 23, 2014. It is the hope of all of us who are involved in developing SIPs that the State Board will simply approve the requirements as they are currently presented in the online template. However, if the State Board unexpectedly chooses to modify the requirements, we will notify all of you and provide additional time and directives to help you tweak your plans to satisfy the State Board's requirements.
Please don't hesitate to call or email me if I can be of further assistance.
Joel Dean Hollon
Educational Data Specialist
The Office of Continuous Improvement



  Denny Wilson
(850) 469-5327  

Joel Dean Hollon
(850) 430-7460 

Elizabeth McCarver
Administrative Secretary
(850) 469-5329

Continuous Improvement Locker

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