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MA.912.A.7.2 Solving Quadratic Equations

What You Need To Know...

Solve quadratic equations over the real numbers by factoring and by using the quadratic formula.

  1. The benchmark will be assessed with MC (Multiple Choice) and FR (Fill in Response) items.
  2. Items may assess special forms like the difference of squares and perfect square trinomials.
  3. Items may assess the use of the zero product property of real numbers.
  4. Fill-in response items may ask the student to provide the greater (or lesser) of two solutions explicitly or implicitly.
  5. MC options may be given using set notation.

Example One

Jeannie solved the quadratic equation shown below by factoring.

x2 + 2x  8 = 0

Which of the following shows a step in solving the equation shown?

A. (x + 2)(x + 4) = 0
B. (x + 2)(x  4) = 0 
C. ( 2)(x + 4) = 0 
D. ( 2)(x  4) = 0 


Example Two

A ball is kicked from ground level into the air.  Its height, y, in feet, after x seconds can be represented by the equation y = 40x - 16x2. What is the total elapsed time, in seconds, from the time the ball is kicked until it reaches ground level again?

Answer grid.jpg


Additional Examples


Solve by Factoring
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The Quadratic Formula
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Real-World Settings
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