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School Choice


Open enrollment begins october 28, 2019

2019 school choice expo

October 29, 2019

Washington High School 

6:00-7:30 PM 

The Office of School Choice is no longer accepting general student transfer requests 2019-2020 school year. Transfer requests for current ECSD students will be accepted again at the beginning of the second semester.

Approval of transfer requests hinges upon multiple factors, including school capacities, academic, attendance, and behavior records of the applicant, and, in some cases, deadlines.

For more information regarding the student transfer process, please peruse the School Choice website, or give our office a call at 469-5580.

Entering our schools for the first time?

If your student is entering our schools for the first time, please take a moment to pre-register your child in our student information system. This will make the formal registration process (and School Choice process, where applicable) much faster for your family.

If your child is enrolling in our school district for the first time, click here to pre-register. (Focus Enrollment).

School Capacities Published

The relationship between a school's enrollment numbers and its student workstations determines its capacity. A school's capacity designation is key to the School Choice process, as it informs decision-making in regards to requests to place out-of-zone students at any given school. If a school's enrollment exceeds its established utilization rate, the school is deemed "over-capacity". While the Office of School Choice does not discourage families from submitting student transfer requests, our office does not typically approve requests to place students at over-capacity schools.


The following schools are currently designated as "over-capacity". 

Over-Capacity Schools*
Blue Angels Elementary Beulah Elementary
Cordova Park Elementary Kingsfield Elementary
Lincoln Park Elementary NB Cook Elementary
Scenic Heights Elementary Suter Elementary
Weis Elementary Bailey Middle School
Beulah Middle School Brown Barge Middle School
Ferry Pass Middle School Tate High School
West Florida High School  
(*): Based upon actual enrollment numbers sourced on July 1, 2019. Next anticipated revision: TBA.


The Escambia County School District revises and publishes its school capacities biannually, at a minimum. Click here to view the complete listing of capacities for our district's traditional elementary, middle, and high schools.

Meet the High School Online Course Requirement

Florida Statutes now stipulate that at least one high school course credit must be completed through online learning. Escambia County offers three ways to meet the online high school course requirement. Click the icon below for a list of courses offered in each platform. Talk to your high school counselor for more information.


Chris McFarland


Chris McFarland


 (850) 469-5448



Melissa Kruger


(850) 469-5332


Shenita McCastler

McKay Specialist

(850) 430-7534


Janine Walker

Admin. Secretary III

(850) 469-5461


Miranda Brown-Bethune

Data Specialist II

(850) 469-5580


Tamara Stuart

Admin. Clerk

(850) 469-5450


Our Purpose

The purpose of Magnet Schools, Charter Schools, and Choice Programs is to prepare students for a diverse society and offer unique educational opportunities. 

Office Hours

*New Hours*

Monday - Friday
7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Phone (850) 469-5580
Fax (850) 469-5611

Advanced placement test requests survey

Please complete this survey if you wish to take an advanced placement test. 

Survey Deadline - November 1, 2019

Standard Operating Procedure


Have a question?  Check the School Choice Standard Operating Procedures by clicking the icon above.

Controlled Open Enrollment Plan

The Escambia County School District's Controlled Open Enrollment Plan is now accessible online. Click here to view the plan.