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Alternative Placement Programs

Camelot Academy/KAPS (K-12)


Andrew Maxwell, Executive Director

Okevia Carter, Education Director

401 Brigadier Street
Pensacola, FL 32507
Phone: 497-6692 




Camelot is a program for students who have been referred for expulsion, alternative placement; and/or transitioning from a residential juvenile justice program.  


KAPS is a therapeutic based behavior modification program for elementary students.



Escambia County District Jail 


Bradley Naggatz, Teacher                   

Phone: 436-9713 


This program is designed to provide academic support to students under the age of 18 who have been adjudicated as adults by the courts. They are housed in the Escambia County Jail facility and receive daily educational services daily. 



Drug And Alcohol Adolescent Residential Treatment Center (DAART) (6-12)


Barbara Nall, Teacher

Robert Schneider, Teacher   

Lakeview Center (DAART)
1221 W. Lakeview Ave, Bldg. D
Pensacola, FL 32501
Phone: 469-3996 or 469-3479                        

DAART is a residential treatment program for youth ages 12-17 who are at-risk due to drug and alcohol abuse.  Students are referred by juvenile court, family physicians/parents, and the Escambia County School District. Minimum stay is 5 months.  No referrals from schools.           






Alessandra Cardoso, Teacher-In-Charge

Anna Tedder, Certified Behavior Analyst

Michael Villanueva, LMHC

Lincoln Park Elementary School   (P-3)
Phone: 554-4749


Students enrolled in grades (K-5) who have been removed from their regular school setting or who have excessive discipline referrals may be placed in the ICARE Program. Length of stay is a minimum of one semester.   Referrals may be made from schools.





Teen Parent Program


Susan Rigby, TOSA
30 E. Texar Drive
Pensacola, FL 32503
Phone: 430-7444 



This program is designed to provide parenting students with educational support. The program offers auxiliary services that include childcare, health care, counseling and transportation.  


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