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Employee Badge Replacement

Effective immediately, all employee badge replacements and employee transfers will be
processed online through the Morpho Trust System. This system will allow us the capability to
track all badge request as well as track who approved the replacement and/or employee transfer.
The attached documents will explain the new process and the actions required by the POC
as well as the new color index badge system. Once the badge request or transfer has been
approved by the POC in the Morpho Trust System, the employee will receive an email that
will include the badge authorization number and specific instructions.
Once this step has been completed by the employee, the system will send a notice
to HR to print the new badge and advise the employee by email when the badge
is ready for pickup at 75 Pace Boulevard in HR.

If you have any questions, please contact by email or
call Courtney Combs at 429-2914.

New Badge System Color Index


The new badge will be white with a color bar at the bottom of the badge.  The index below will indicate the type of individual holding the badge.  The color bar is for easy identification from a distance.


GREEN - Employee

BROWN - Mentor

BLACK (white letters) - Volunteer Coach

ORANGE - Part Time Employee (sub- teacher, custodial, food service, transportation, etcetera)

PURPLE - Not-For-Profit

BLUE - Campus Resident

BLUE (Solid color badge) - State Issue Contractor

YELLOW - Student Teacher

RED - District Contractor/Vendor

SILVER - High School Student Worker

GOLD - College Student Worker



Special Note/Caution:  Individuals with a completely light blue badge are state approved contractors/vendors.  Individual holding this type of badge; Florida Shared School Results (FSSR) are not to be unsupervised when students are present or "have direct contact with students".