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The Escambia County School District has a digital learning ecosystem--the CORE. Incorporating all new digital learning materials into our ecosystem, the CORE, will ensure

  • anywhere, anytime accessibility for learning using a content library that accommodates various learning styles and preferences,
  • the ability for students to construct content, to make learning visible, and to communicate mastery of standards via a variety of tools, and
  • availability of tools to develop a college and career ready portfolio that progresses from year to year.

District staff may login with your account and filter by status, by subject, by platform, by grade level, and by software type or find additional information about the products. 

Student Data Resources are also available for review. Use the Search field to search for resources for specific grade levels, content areas, approval status (such as school purchase or district provided), tool type (such as Staff Tool or Student Tool), and capability (such as Teach All Students or Teach ESE Students).

Resources are available publicly below.

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