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School Board

Board Members
District 1
Kevin Adams, Vice Chairman

Office:   850-469-6137
Cell:       850-449-8692

Kevin Adams
District 2
Paul H. Fetsko

Office:   850-469-6153
Cell:       850-292-0528

Paul Fetsko
District 3
Dr. Laura Edler

Office:   850-469-6154
Cell:       850-712-0065

Laura Edler

District 4
Patty Hightower

Office:   850-469-6265
Cell:       850-384-7791

Patty Hightower

District 5
Bill Slayton, Chairman

Office:   850-469-6258
Home:   850-968-9118

Bill Sayton
“To provide an environment that creates opportunities for all students to achieve their highest potential while building a foundation for continuous learning.” 
Escambia County School Board Mission