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Formative Assessment/Inquiry Learning

Teaching and Assessing Challenging Standards

1.3 Characters and Connections Resources

2.6 Point of View Resources

Watch this Teaching Channel Video  Point of View Lesson

3.7 Illustrations and Media Resources

Join the Mix it Up with Multi-Media Google Classroom conpzvz--look for links to resources under the about tab

Check out Achieve the Core Mini-Assessments

Star Custom

Renaissance Learning Star Custom can be used to create 5-10 question probes to formatively assess standards that are the focus of instruction. These formative assessments can be assigned to students so that when they log in to STAR they will see them. 

Directions for creating STAR Custom Assessments

Guide to Planning STAR Custom Tests

Formative Assessment Resources

Inquiry/Project Based Learning Resources

Projects should include modeling of how to create the final written or oral product (i.e. use mentor texts of poetry, letters to the editor, a job ad, recipe, business proposal, etc.), reading of text (building knowledge) that requires finding evidence to support the research, speaking, listening and writing. Provide students with texts of varying types and levels and links to quality web sites. Scaffold their learning with Thinking Maps, planning sheets, and status of the class talks. Design the project with the standards in mind. Students should discuss requirements and the rubric in advance so that expectations are clear. 

Inquiry Learning/STREAM Google Drive Folder

Link to NSTA Eureka information

Looking for a book to read? Try Engaging Readers and Writers with Inquiry by Jeffrey D. Wilhelm 

New Study Shows the Impact of PBL on Student Achievement --Researchers in Michigan show that project-based learning in high-poverty communities can produce statistically significant gains in social studies and informational reading.

Project PLACE (Project-approach to Literacy and Civic Engagement), an initiative at the University of Michigan and Michigan State University. These are project-based units designed for second-grade students.

Pick a Project by the Buck Institute for Project Based Learning

PBL Gallery--the work of Michigan Teachers--downloadable plans

The Studies Weekly Teacher Supplement has recommendations for children's books on topics, links to websites for further research and writing prompts. Short inquiry projects can developed from these resources.