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Maintenance and Custodial Services Department

Employee of the Month

30 East Texar Drive
Building 400
Pensacola, FL  32503

Maintenance Office:  (850) 469-5586
Maintenance Fax:  (850) 469-5548

Custodial Office:  (850) 469-5487
Custodial Fax:  (850) 469-5535

Our Aim:  Continual Improvement of Maintenance Services to Exceed our Customers' Needs.

Our offices open at 6:30 AM every work day and close at 3:30 PM.  We are located at the J. E. Hall Center, 30 East Texar Drive, Pensacola, Florida, with a small North County shop located in Walnut Hill at Ernest Ward Middle School. 

The Maintenance Department is currently transitioning to an online work order system that will be available to authorized users in the near future.  Until then, Administrators should call the Maintenance office with any work requests for your facility.  We can be reached at 850.469.5586.  


To report extreme emergency situations (those jeopardizing life and facility safety) between the hours of 6:30 AM and 3:30 PM, please call (850) 469-5586.

For after hours emergencies, please call (850) 469-5586 or
(850) 554-4221.

Gregory L. Gibbs, Director
Maintenance & Custodial Services

Jim Higgins, Assistant Director
Maintenance & Custodial Services

James B. Beagle, Manager
Custodial Services


Maintenance Supervisors:

Kenny Barth, Carpentry / Lockshop / North End

Vince Childers, Electronics / Fire Supression / Office Machines

Scott Joseph, Heating & Air Shop

Mitch Mosley, Grounds /

Tommy Silvers, Electrical /

Scott Stillman, Paint / Surplus


JoAnn Janes, Maintenance
Lindsey Jordan, Custodial Secretary
Stefanie Morton - Accounting
Shante Simpkins - Accounting
Cristi Hayes - Administrative Clerk