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Office Machine Repair Shop

Contact Supervisor: Vince Childers

Vince Childers, Construction/Maintenance Supervisor
Thomas Weaver, Shop Leader - Office Machines

Terry Jones, Office Machine Technician
John Miller, Office Machine Technician
Sheila Ralph, Office Service Assistant - Internal
Alex Smith, Office Machine Technician


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The Office Machine Repair Shop consists of one Shop Leader and three Office Machine Technician positions as well as one Office Services Assistant position to operate the copy center.

This Shop repairs and maintains all electronic and electric typewriters, calculators, duplicators, high-speed duplicators, time clocks, laminating machines, time stamps, dictation machines, and shorthand stenographer labs. This Shop's main function is to maintain in excess of 750 copiers and duplicators. This service often requires total overhaul of the equipment.

This Shop receives direction from the Supervisor of the Electronics/Office Machine Repair Shops. The Shop Leader assists the Supervisor with coordinating, planning, and clerical responsibilities of this shop.

Zone 1

John Miller services the following facilities:
Bellview Elementary School
Bellview Middle School
Beulah Elementary School
Brown Barge Middle School
Environmental Studies Center
Ferry Pass Middle School
Longleaf Elementary School
Montclair Elementary School
Myrtle Grove Elementary School
Pine Forest High School
Ransom Middle School
Sherwood Elementary School
George Stone Center
West Florida High School
Woodham Middle/OASIS


Zone 2

Terry Jones services the following facilities:
Ensley Elementary School
Escambia Westgate Center
Ferry Pass Elementary School
Holm Elementary School
Lincoln Park Elementary School
Lipscomb Elementary School
McArthur Elementary School
Pine Meadow Elementary School
Scenic Heights Elementary School
Tate High School
Washington High School
Workman Middle School


Zone 3

Alex Smith services the following facilities:
Judy Andrews Center
Bailey Middle School
Blue Angels Elementary School
Hellen Caro Elementary School
Edgewater Elementary School
Escambia High School
Navy Point Elementary School
McDaniel Administration Building
Pleasant Grove Elementary School
Warrington Elementary School
Warrington Middle School
West Pensacola Elementary School
Allie Yniestra Elementary School
Boys Base
Lakeview Center

Zone 4

Tom Weaver is the Shop Leader and assists the Supervisor in coordinating work to be done.  He services the following facilities:
Spencer Bibbs Elementary School
Brentwood Elementary School
A. V. Clubbs Alternative Middle School
N. B. Cook Elementary School
Cordova Park Elementary School
J. E. Hall Center
McMillan Center
Oakcrest Elementary School
Pensacola High School
O. J. Semmes Elementary School
A. K. Suter Elementary School
C. A. Weis Elementary School
Alternative Education
Even Start
Juvenile Justice
Title I

Zone 5

Requests for services at the following facilities will be initially dispatched to Tom Weaver and he will assign to available mechanics:

Jim Allen Elementary School
Bratt Elementary School
Carver-Century K-8
Molino Park Elementary School
Sidney Nelson Center
Northview High School
Ernest Ward Middle School