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North End Maintenance

Kenny Barth, Supervisor

David Kennedy, Shop Leader 


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The North County Maintenance Shop consists of one Construction/ Maintenance Supervisor, one Shop Leader, one HVAC/R Technician, one Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Mechanic, two Maintenance Mechanic I, and one Maintenance Worker II positions. This shop is located at Ernest Ward School in Walnut Hill, Florida, and services the following facilities:

Ernest Ward Middle School
Bratt Elementary School
Byrneville Charter School (Protection of Assets Only)
Molino Park Elementary School
Northview High School
Walnut Hill Bus Garage

This Shop performs generalized maintenance repairs in all trade areas.This Shop installs and maintains air conditioning and refrigeration units, performs carpentry work, electrical work, heating and vent work, painting work and plumbing work in the North County area. When assistance is needed, mechanics from the Pensacola Maintenance Department are dispatched.This Shop receives its orders from the Construction/Maintenance Supervisor.