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Master Inservice Plan

"Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning."
-Thomas Edison

Review/Approve Components Procedure

Schools, departments and other inservice providers request the New Component form from the Professional Learning  Office when needed. The appropriate inservice provider completes the form and returns it to the Professional Learning Office where the request is reviewed and, when approved, placed in the inservice system database. The Master Inservice Plan approved by the Department of Education is only updated every 5 years; therefore, outdated information maybe found in the Master Inservice Plan. For up to date information on inservice components, please contact the department associated with that component.

Annual Review/Revision of the Master Inservice Plan

The Professional Learning Office seeks input from the inservice providers and reviews/revises any components or parts of the plan. During the year as new components are written or legislative changes occur the Professional Learning Office reviews and revises the plan.

Needs Assessment

An annual needs assessment survey through the School Improvement Plan is reviewed to direct the focus for inservice.

View the current Master Inservice Plan, approved by Escambia County School Board at the November 13, 2018 Regular Board Meeting.