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Payroll & Benefits Accounting

  Linda Lewis, Director                                                              

  (850) 469-6364

75 North Pace Blvd.

Pensacola, FL  32505

Fax:  (850) 469-6353

Instructional, Administrative and Professional Payroll      
Sarah McKamie Payroll Specialist 469-6143                        
Tammy Wilson Payroll Specialist 469-6181  
Educational Support Payroll      
Debbie Russo Payroll Specialist 469-6198  
Christine Hunter Payroll Specialist 469-6158  
Lisa Leitermann Payroll Specialist 469-6276  
Payroll Accounting      
Patti Boland Lead Payroll Specialist 469-6196  
Benefits Accounting      
Melitta Davis Sr. Financial Analyst 469-6363  

Angel Kehoe

Sr. Financial Analyst 429-2927  
Leave Accounting      
Gloria Gatson Financial Analyst 469-6324  
Kim Dersham Payroll Specialist 469-6285