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Posted 7/13/20

The Florida School Related Employee of the year program recognizes outstanding Education Support Personnel for the significant contributions they make to their schools and district school systems.  

The school related employee of the year is Juanita Williams.  

Juanita Williams has been with the district for 22 years as a bus assistant serving Sherwood Elementary.  Sherwood Elementary School has five buses.  Each day, they award the busses citizenship points for their ride to and from school. Ms. Williams’ bus has won “bus of the month” for seven consecutive months!  Beginning with the first day of school, she makes every effort to build relationships with the students on her bus. She has been a consistent, positive influence on students the entire school year.

Ms. Williams has helped maintain stability with care and compassion, creating a positive, safe environment for our students. The purple bus, as Sherwood calls it, is an exemplary bus. Ms. Williams is credited with overall reduction in bus referrals and creating a calm, stable environment. 

Ms. Williams has been asked to spearhead workshops for other bus assistants because of her ability to lead.  Ms. Williams understands the power of relationships.  She recognizes that behaviors and hearts can be changed with the power of a positive relationship.  In the beginning of the school year, Ms. Williams works with her students to create a social contract; a commitment that both student and staff agree to follow.  Ms. Williams and the students work together to maintain the integrity of the social contract for their bus community. She keeps an amazing line of communication with the parents and is always checking in on her students.  Her students know that she cares about them and that she is there for them.

Because of all her proactive strategies, her bus is a safe, calm place. Her students arrive to school ready and prepared for a day full of learning. They are starting their day off on the right track and the teachers are so appreciative of that. Ms. Williams helps make each day brighter without even realizing it. She is a true team player and ever so deserving of this recognition.

Ms. Williams has received a Plaque and a check for $100 from Members First Credit Union.