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Posted 9/24/20

The Stellar Employee for the Month of September is Jannet Sanchez.


Jannet Sanchez is Bilingual Teacher Assistant at Scenic Heights Elementary School.  She has been with the district for thirteen years and in this position for two years.


Jannet Sanchez goes above and beyond every day to assist her students, their families, and the entire staff at Scenic Heights Elementary.  Mrs. Sanchez is a Bilingual Teacher Assistant and works directly with the first and fourth grade ESOL students.   What sets Mrs. Sanchez apart is her willingness to step outside her normal duties and help in so many other ways! You will often find Mrs. Sanchez in the office assisting our Spanish speaking families with registration, welcoming new - often nervous, ESOL students, and acting as an interpreter whenever needed.  Mrs. Sanchez is described as a gracious and giving person with a huge heart.  She is someone who is truly called to this profession and is making a huge impact in our community.


In addition to what Mrs. Sanchez does for the Scenic Heights family, she has also helped at the district level by translating district documents for Spanish speaking families.  She has translated Title I documents, and most recently has translated Covid letters.  Her love and passion for all of the ESOL students at Scenic Heights is truly inspiring. When asked to help, which can be multiple times a day, she is quick to say “yes” and is always genuinely happy to do so!

Jannet Sanchez has been called “the link that connects all of our ESOL families to Scenic Heights!” The entire staff at Scenic Heights Elementary owes her their gratitude and they all love and appreciate her!


Jannet Sanchez is Stellar because of her excellent work ethic and dedication to the staff and students throughout the Escambia County School District.  She exemplifies the Pillars of “People” and “Service” and it is for these reasons, and so many others, that she has been selected as our Stellar Employee of the Month of September 2020.


She will receive a Plaque, Pin, and a check for $100 from Members First Credit Union.