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Unsung Hero 2020 Norm G. Ross
Posted 10/22/20

Many people go above and beyond the call of duty each and every day. Most go the extra mile never seeking recognition.  Strength of character, a steadfast belief in always doing the right thing and a genuine commitment to serving others is their motivation.   We call these people unsung heroes.  Each year we canvas our district’s landscape full of heroic people to try and identify that one individual or group that typifies what it really means to be a true unsung hero.  So many among us do an excellent job, not for fame, not for recognition, but simply for the satisfaction of a job well done.


This evening, we celebrate an individual who has freely dedicated their life to education.  An individual who has provided four decades of service, compassion, guidance and leadership, and heart, to literally thousands of students, staff, and families.  God truly blessed the entire Escambia County School District when this individual began his journey as a teacher for Escambia County School District in 1974. It is an honor to call him a very close friend, as well as the Deputy Superintendent, Mr. Norm G. Ross. Tonight, we will call him an unsung hero.


It is without hesitation that each and every day, Norman G. Ross goes above and beyond the call of duty; he has set the standard for providing excellence in a life of service.  Just look around this room, and the county as a whole.  Mr. Ross’ life’s work is reflected in the multiple generations whose lives have been positively molded and guided due to his commitment to excellence.  We appreciate his countless hours of hard work, the many sacrifices, energy, efforts, compassion and perseverance to the mission of education. 


Mr. Ross’ incredible devotion to the students, families, and employees of Escambia County School District is beyond comparison.  The decades of unwavering leadership and guidance have provided countless employees the knowledge, strength and growth so critical in education now, and into the future.

It has been an honor to serve along with you for 12 years in the Superintendent’s Office.

On behalf of students, families, employees, district leadership and the entire district – thank you.  You are truly our unsung hero for 2020.