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Posted 11/18/20

Nicole Owens-Braggs has been selected as the 2020-2021 Escambia County School District’s outstanding assistant principal of the year. 


The outstanding assistant principal achievement award was established in 1997 to recognize exemplary assistant principals for the contributions to their schools and communities.  The program honors assistant principals that have utilized teamwork and leadership skills to increase student performance, promote safe learning environments and establish partnerships with parents and community members.

Nicole Owens-Braggs is the assistant principal for West Pensacola Elementary School and she has been in this position for six years.  She has been an educator in the Escambia County School District since 1994.  Nicole Owens-Braggs has taught at Escambia High School, Warrington Middle School, and Lincoln Park Elementary.  During her career, she has been a classroom teacher, literacy coach and reading teacher, and assistant principal where she served at Global Learning Academy prior to becoming the assistant principal at West Pensacola Elementary.  Mrs. Owens-Braggs is in the process of completing a doctoral degree from the University of West Florida and is working on her dissertation entitled, “Examining Strategies Used by Teachers who Teach Struggling Readers.”


Nicole Owens-Braggs grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana.  She was raised by her uncle when her mother died just three weeks after Nicole was born.  Throughout her career as an educator, she has a passion for teaching reading while working at underserved schools. 


The extensive literacy background and expertise of Nicole Owens-Braggs has greatly improved the reading instruction at West Pensacola Elementary.   She works side by side with teachers to create engaging lesson plans and she is never too busy to provide professional development for teachers.  Nicole and has been very instrumental in assisting teachers with benchmark data analysis.


Nicole Owens-Braggs has gained the confidence and trust of the entire West Pensacola community.   She has established ways to develop positive relationships, improve the quality of instruction, and increase student achievement.  Nicole Owens-Braggs is very deserving to be selected as the Escambia County School District’s 2020-2021 assistant principal of the year.


The Escambia county school district is extremely proud of the accomplishments of Nicole Owens-Braggs.