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Posted 3/24/21

Each year, the district challenges employees to participate in the “choose wellness” challenge.  The challenge is to see which school or major department achieves the highest percentage of employee participation in the “choose wellness” challenge. While Covid-19 created new challenges, an extension of time through the end of 2020 was implemented.  Schools and departments were challenged to achieve the highest percentage of improvement from one period to the next.


Each site based administrator and wellness coordinator is tasked with motivating employees to complete all four steps of the health-screening program. The locations with the highest achievement would be recognized annually, including a financial incentive reward to be used for wellness initiatives at each location. Awards are paid from wellness dollars, so no taxpayer dollars are used. 


The decision to create a district wellness center and program was made to promote employee wellness because a healthy workforce costs less in medical costs and lost work hours which in turn creates a more productive and higher achieving workforce. 


It is my pleasure to announce the following awards:

  • The overall winner is Molino Park Elementary school at 68.5% participation. In addition, Molino Park Elementary also is being awarded as the “most improved” with an increase of 13.3% over last year’s participation. Therefore, both the overall winner and the most improved for the 2019-20 Superintendent’s wellness challenge goes to Molino Park Elementary School. As winners, Molino Park Elementary will receive plaques and checks for a total of $1,500.


In addition, to create a “healthy” competition between schools and major departments at each level, awards of $250 each are also awarded to the highest percentage participation at each school or major departmental level.

  • The highest percentage participation at the middle school level goes to Ransom Middle School at 55.1%.


  • The highest percentage participation at the high school/secondary level goes to Northview High School again this year at 53.2%.


  • The highest percentage participation at the major department level goes to the McDaniel Administration Center at 66.4%.


Congratulations to all schools and departments for your success.


For 2021, schools and departments will be receiving periodic updates throughout the year indicating where they stand in relation to their peers. In order to achieve higher participation through a little friendly competition.  We look forward to seeing how schools and departments will step up for the 2021 superintendent’s wellness challenge.