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On the Job Training (OJT)

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What is OJT? 

OJT is a cooperative education program for exceptional students.

PHASE 1: Non-paid work experience

  • Training is received in public sector work sites prior to employment.  (Transportation is provided.) 

PHASE 2:  Paid employment

  • Employment in private sector while earning credit towards graduation. (Transportation is the responsibility of the student.)

Which students are eligible?

  • Exceptional Education Students in grades 11 and 12 are eligible.

How does OJT work?

  • Students are screened to interview with employer.
  • Employability skills are discussed with potential students prior to job placement.
  • Flexible work hours (minimum of 15 hours per week).
  • School insurance agreement signed by student and parent.
  • School credit earned for successfully participating in OJT program.

What are employer responsibilities?

  • Provide supervision.
  • Evaluate student/employee periodically.
  • Work cooperatively with OJT Coordinator.

What are the student responsibilities?

  • Follow employer/business rules and regulations.
  • Follow school district rules and regulations.
  • Document hours worked on OJT time card.

What are employer benefits?

  • Dependable, motivated workers who save time and money.
  • Employees with flexible working hours.
  • Support services available.
  • Assist students/employees to become independent, tax-paying adults in the local community.
  • Assist young people to have a successful start in the REAL world of work.

For more information contact....

Melinda Davidson                    (850) 941-6071 ext. 1

Or the OJT Coordinator at:

Escambia High School              (850) 453-3221 ext. 243

Escambia Westgate School      (850) 494-5700

Northview High School             (850) 761-6000

Pensacola High School             (850) 595-1500 ext. 253

Pine Forest High School            (850) 941-6150

Tate High School                        (850) 937-5488

Washington High School           (850) 475-5257 ext. 289