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Parent Resources

Communicating with Your Child’s Teacher Summary
  • For parents: interacting with teachers, self-awareness about involvement, overcoming isolation
  • Coaching children on approaching teachers
  • Student and teacher: handling adversity, improving poor relationships
  • Keeping up with your child, talking about bad days


Establishing Routines Summary
  • Importance of a routine for a student learner
  • Minimizing distraction through routine
  • Getting home and school day prep routines
  • Rewarding good routines, encouragement and praise
  • Adding and evaluating behaviors and time-management
  • Structure, spontaneity, daily family activities


Helping Young Learners Read Summary
  • Keys to reading, visual descriptions for young children
  • English language challenges, reading challenges for ages 5-7
  • Dyslexia, cognitive and physical impediments
  • How parents can avoid rushing reading time
  • Tablet readers versus physical books
  • Keeping books in the home to promote literacy


Older Student Literacy Challenges Summary
  • Reintroducing incarcerated youth to reading, fostering receptiveness
  • Out-of-habit reading students versus lacking skills
  • Student-selected reading material, finding your inner narrator
  • Improving skills, reading practice, alleviating stress
  • Avoiding the distraction of screens
  • Struggling parents teaching students to read


Testing & Assessment Summary
  • Meaning of assessment, beyond testing
  • Recent changes in Florida standardized tests
  • Missing skills affecting performance, test-taking skills versus base ability
  • Teaching to the test versus what students need to know
  • Advice for parents of gifted students who do not test well
  • Bright Future scholarship, SAT, ACT, determining alternate paths
Students with Special Needs Summary
  • Meaning of and correct way to think of special needs
  • Ongoing accommodation versus developing skills
  • Identifying/differentiating special needs from ordinary struggle
  • Requesting evaluation, the process, next steps
  • Changes for the student at school and at home 
  • Handling difficult feelings and fear of stigma, embracing help and hope
Preparing Your Student for College Summary
  • Advice for students entering college in the fall, prep tips
  • When high school came easy, but college does not, anticipating changes and higher demands
  • Lifestyle changes with living on campus, surprises, college freedom, social life
  • Advice for high-intensity STEM majors, discovering the right career
  • Office hours, building relationships with professors
  • Understanding graduation requirements, college today