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Reading Endorsement

Reading Endorsement Competencies

*Coming soon for 2018-19-- new reading endorsement offerings.

Reading Endorsement FAQ's

1.  Will the District pay for me to get my reading endorsement?  The reading department will pay the fall and winter costs of taking competencies for employees of Escambia County School District who are CURRENTLY teaching reading courses for grades 6-12, in a traditional or alternative school setting. Elementary teachers will also be able to take reading endorsement courses and the 40 hour course required for re-certification of the K-6 certificate.

2.   What about teachers seeking alternative certification through PDCP Teachers?  If you are in the PDCP and required to finish Competency 2 (formerly FOR-PD), we will pay for your course.

3.  What about teachers who do not teach reading but want to pursue the endorsement or teachers that are in an Ed. Leadership program which requires they take Competency 2 (formerly FOR-PD)? ECSD offers an approved Next Generation Content Area (NGCAR)/Comp 2 blended course which will fulfill this require. A fee may apply. 

4.  How many courses do I need to take this year?  Grades 6-12 Reading Teachers are required to take two courses before the end of this school year. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to apply, and complete both courses.  If you do not complete two courses you are ineligible to teach reading the subsequent year.  Also, the District will only pay for two courses, per year.  This may not apply to those who need Competency 5.

5.  Will I need to contact the Reading Department to inform them I have completed my course?  As of 2018-19 all reading endorsement courses must be offered through the ECSD ELA Department. Registration in Performance Matters is required. You must notify the ELA department when you complete courses offered through FDLRS (Comp 4).

6.  What if I need to register for practicum Course 5?  This course is only for those who have completed Competencies 1-4 AND preference will be given to those who currently teach reading to students in grades 6-12.  Teachers who do not meet those requirements will have to pay for the course.  Our office will register all qualified teachers into the Performance Matters system. 

7What happens if I have to drop the course?  You are not “officially” in the course until you have made your first submission.  Once you have made the submission and you want to enroll in the dropped course at a later date, you must pay to take that course.  You will not have to pay for any subsequent courses unless they are also dropped.

8.  How do I get the Endorsement added to my certificate?  Keep copies of all of your certificates, those from Schultz, and the District; you will need to submit this information to the Certification Office.  Contact Dawn Ramirez for additional details about other items you will need to add Reading Endorsement to your State of Florida teaching certificate.

9.  When are teachers in the NGCAR program eligible to be scheduled as a reading teacher for students within their content area classes? Anyone who completes competency 2/NGCAR and the NGCAR practicum is eligible to provide literacy support in their content area classes.


For more information, please contact

Phyllis McDurmont, Administrative Clerk 



Reading Endorsement Deadline Dates