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School Resources

Link to Bus Ticket App Login Page (MyLinks)

Click HERE to access the login page for the Bus Ticket Application (authorization is limited by name; access is available from within the District firewall only).

School Start-Release Schedule

Click HERE to download the 2020-21 School Start-Release Schedule.

School-Based Bus Handbook

The School-Based Bus Handbook contains valuable information for school-based school bus operators and those responsible for the care of school-based buses and coordinating their use. Click HERE for the handbook.

Student Trip Guide

Please consult the current edition of this important document for trip procedures, required forms, and official guidance. If you have any questions, please contact the Director of Transportation.

Click HERE to download the "Student Trip Guide" (PDF).

Administrator's Transportation Handbook

The Transportation Department has released 2018-19 edition of Administrator's Transportation Handbook. The handbook includes references to applicable School Board Rules and Statutes, procedures, descriptions of processes, and helpful answers to questions frequently asked of school staff about student transportation. Click HERE to download.

School Bus Operator & Assistant Handbook

The School Bus Operator & Assistant Handbook contains valuable information for school-based school bus operators. Click HERE for the handbook.

Bus Routes & Rosters

(Available two weeks after the start of the school year.)

- ACCESS District Infofinder le Web Page (Click HERE)
- DOWNLOAD Infofinder le Instructions Document (PDF) (Click HERE)

The District’s school bus routing software enables the Transportation Department to upload changes to routes and rosters as those changes are made on your route manager’s computer. That enables you to maintain access to the most current transportation information available. Once your route manager receives your bus tickets for new students, he/she will verify student bus stops and add them to your rosters. Routes will be automatically updated as students are added to the software.

Note: Incorrect addresses recorded on bus tickets can result in students being delivered at wrong addresses. These errors will ultimately flag in routing software, requiring new address verification and student re-routing. Care should be taken to avoid initial processing errors by ensuring each bus ticket is verified by an authorized school official prior to placing a student on the bus.

Bus Stop Locator Tool

The Bus Stop Locator Tool is useful for determining where your child's bus stop is located and what time the bus is scheduled to be at the stop in the morning and afternoon.

The Tool is not applicable to students who attend school on a school choice approval or other students who attend school "out of zone" (they live outside of their school's regular attendance zone).

You can find the Tool and routes for schools with center-to-center (C2C) transportation HERE.

Transportation School Board Rules & Florida Statutes

For Escambia District School Board Rules governing school bus transportation, click HERE.

For Florida Statutes governing school bus transportation, click HERE.

For Florida School Board Rules governing school bus transportation, click HERE.

Specialized Transportation (ESE) SOP

Click HERE for the Joint Transportation/ESE Department SOP on IEP Development for Transportation.