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The Professional Learning Department has the following NavaEd and/or Cirrus study guide books available for check out:

  • General Knowledge  Professional Educator 
  • K-6 Subject Area
  • Pre-K -3rd Grade
  • Middle Grades English 5-9
  • Middle Grades Mathematics 5-9
  • Business Education 6-12
  • English 6-12
  • Social Science 6-12
  • Exception Student Education 

Books are checked out on a three week rotation. Email Honya Doty to check out a book.

Use the link below to sign up for General Knowledge or Professional Educator tutoring sessions.

Tutoring Sign Up for 2020-21 Coming Soon!

Alternative Certification (PDCP-FEAPs)


Professional Development Certification Program

 Complete the Program Application as soon as you are hired. 


Welcome to the Professional Development Certification Program (PDCP), formerly known as the Alternative Certification Program (ACP) for the Escambia County School District. PDCP is a rigorous program designed to develop quality teachers by offering professional education preparation via face-to-face workshops, online learning, and mentor support to newly hired educators. By choosing this program as a means of alternative certification, you are committing to successfully completing classroom and school-based assignments, devoting a substantial amount of personal and professional time to your program work, and making a long-term investment in your career as an educator.

Program Components: All requirements will be discussed in detail during an Advisement Appointment with a PDCP Mentor.

  • Take and pass the Subject Area, General Knowledge, and Professional Education exams
  • Complete Reading Competencies (as required by current teaching assignment/Subject Area certification)
  • Complete the BEESS Teaching Students with Disabilities Independent Study course 
    Inservice points banked for the first Professional Certificate validity period
  • Complete three face-to-face workshops that align with the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (FEAPs)
  • Complete 20 job-embedded tasks that align with the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices. (FEAPs Course) $700 - requires payroll deduction form or payment in full
  • Complete required online ESOL course
     Inservice points banked for the first Professional Certificate validity period

Program Qualifications:

  • Be a full time, K-12 Classroom Teacher with Escambia County School District
  • Reading Comp 1 Prerequisite for FEAPs course
  • Complete a minimum of Reading Competency 1 prior to entrance to FEAPs course during year two - Complete payroll deduction form, the cost of the course is $700 and will be due at the time you begin the FEAPs Course 
    **See Three Year Pathway to Professional Teaching Certificate below


  • District Mentor or another mentor to assist with classroom support and personalized feedback through the completion of the program coursework feedback
    • May include coursework Assessor to provide personalized feedback for program coursework
  • District support to manage your progress through the program
  • Subject Area Specialist support to provide information and assistance with the appropriate State Standards, classroom management, learning environment, and subject knowledge expertise
  • The START Program provides a full release mentor and peer evaluator for first-year teachers. For more information about this support contact Human Resources @ (850) 469-6256
    • SMART START training is provided before the first day of school to assist in a strong start of the school year

Next Steps:

  • Complete the Program Application as soon as you are hired
  • Advisement Appointment - must attend a virtual or face-to-face enrollment session
  • You will receive the next steps upon review and approval of your application


Three-Year Pathway to a Professional Teaching Certificate: (specific requirements based on FLDOE Statement of Eligibility determined during advisement meeting)

Year 1:

  • Attend One PDCP face-to-face workshop
  • Complete Reading Competencies 1, 2
  • BEESS Teaching Students with Disabilities Independent Study Course ~ Course Enrollment provided during Advisement Appointment
  • Pass required exams: Subject-area exam, General Knowledge Exam

Year 2:

  • Attend Two PDCP face-to-face workshops
  • Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (FEAPs) Course
  • Reading Competencies 3, 4 (**if required - see below)
  • ESOL Cross-Cultural Communication Course ~  Course Enrollment provided during Advisement Appointment
  • Pass required Exams: Professional Educator Exam, Subject-Area Exam, General Knowledge Exam

Year 3:

  • Pass any remaining exams
  • Apply for Professional Certificate


PDCP Reading Requirements:

To sign up for Reading Competency Courses, visit: ECSD Reading Competencies Web Page

Teachers required to complete Reading Competencies 1 and 2:

  • Middle Grades (5-9)
  • Secondary (6-12)
  • Elementary and Secondary (K-12)

Teachers required to complete Reading Competencies 1, 2, 3, and 4:

  • Prekindergarten-Primary (age 3 - Grade 3)
  • Elementary (K-6)
  • Exceptional Student Education (K-12)

Teachers can pass the Reading K-12 Subject Exam and meet the above requirements


Professional Educator Competencies (PEC)

Completing all the requirements for the PDCP meets the PEC requirement. Teachers who need PEC and don't need coursework can complete a 15-hour online course provided by the Professional Learning Department.


For more information regarding the Professional Development Certification Program (PDCP) contact:

Denisha Read

PDCP Coordinator

2020-21 FEAPs Schedule Coming Soon!

District Contacts:

Optional Paths to Professional Certification

Option 1: Twenty hours of state determined college credit course work

Option 2: UWF Educator Preparation Institute (Teacher Ready)