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School Resources

Link to Bus Ticket App Login Page (MyLinks)

ClicHERE to access the login page for the Bus Ticket Application (authorization is limited by name; access is available from within the District firewall only).

2017-18 School Start-Release Schedule


Click HERE to download the 2017-18 School Start-Release Schedule.

2017-18 School-Based Bus Coordinator's Handbook

The School-Based Bus Coordinator's Handbook contains valuable information for school-based school bus operators and those responsible for the care of school-based buses and coordinating their use. Click HERE to download the handbook.

2017-18 Administrator's Transportation Handbook

The Transportation Department has released 2017-18 edition of Administrator's Transportation Handbook. The handbook includes references to applicable School Board Rules and Statutes, procedures, descriptions of processes, and helpful answers to questions frequently asked of school staff about student transportation. Click HERE to download.

2017-18 School Bus Operator & Assistant Handbook

The School Bus Operator & Assistant Handbook contains valuable information for school-based school bus operators. Click HERE to download the handbook.

Bus Stop Locator Tool

Note : The bus stop locator tool will be updated for the fall term in early August 2017.

- ACCESS Bus Stop Locator Tool (Click HERE )
- DOWNLOAD Bus Stop Locator Tool Tutorial ...more

Bus Routes & Rosters

(Available two weeks after the start of the school year.)

- ACCESS District Infofinder le Web Page (Click HERE )
- DOWNLOAD Infofinder le Instructions Document (PDF) (Click HERE )

The ...more

Transportation School Board Rules & Florida Statutes

For Escambia District School Board Rules governing school bus transportation, click HERE.

For Florida Statutes governing school bus transportation, click HERE.

For Florida School Board Rules governing school bus transportation, click HERE.

Specialized Transportation (ESE) SOP

Click HERE for the Joint Transportation/ESE Department SOP on IEP Development for Transportation.

Student Activity Trip Transportation

Click HERE to learn more about how the District manages student activity trip transportation.


Download 2016-2017 Field Trip Deadline Calendar HERE



IMPORTANT: For best results in filling and saving form-fill PDF forms, save or download the form to your desktop (right click "PDF" and click "Save Link As...") then edit the saved blank form from your computer (not your internet browser). Then, save the completed form with a unique file name on your computer in order to retain the original blank form as a template on your computer. Continue to refer to this page, however, to ensure you are using the most current version of the form.


Form 1.21a - Activity Bus Inspection Checklist - A school bus safety Inspection utilizing the inspection checklist is required before and after each trip. This form remains on the bus until filed at the garage during the monthly bus inspection. (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif)

Form 3.10a - Request for School Bus Video Review - To be completed by schools when requesting Transportation Department review of school bus video. The form helps ensure accurate communication of the request, and a record of the investigation and action taken. (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif)

Form 4.02e - Activity Trip Transportation Request/Invoice - To be completed by schools and submitted by Transportation Department activity trip representatives when requesting activity trip transportation services. (WEBFORM)

Form 6.03e - Request for Transportation Accommodation - To be completed by parents/guardians requesting a transportation accommodation within the framework of the School Board Rules. This form is sent directly to the Transportation Department by the parent/guardian for action. (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif)

UPDATED Form 6.06g - Specialized Transportation Services Slip - To be completed by IEP committees and submitted to the Transportation Department in order to procure transportation services for ESE students whose IEP requires specialized transportation services. (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif)

Form 6.07a - Pre-K Weekly Transportation Log - To be completed by the teacher as he/she records the manner in which Pre-K students were transported to and from school. (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif)

Form 6.08a - Pre-K Daily Bus Manifest - To be completed by the teacher and given to the school bus operator each day to account for the students who board and ride the bus from school. (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif)

Form 6.09a - K-1 Daily Bus Manifest - This form is a daily record of students transported home on a school bus. Retain one day. Submit to the SBO until Labor Day. (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif)

Form 6.12c - Elementary School Choice Transportation Request - To be completed ANNUALLY by parents/guardians requesting transportation service in conjunction with an elementary school Choice with transportation transfer. (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif)
Form 6.13b - Opportunity Scholarship Transportation Request - To be completed by parents/guardians requesting transportation service in conjunction with an opportunity scholarship transportation transfer. (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif)

Form 6.14a Bus Request Form - To be completed by schools when requesting school buses to be driven by school-based drivers when District school bus operators are not available for trip assignment. (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif)

UPDATED Form 6.16b Foster Care Transportation Services Slip - The "Every Student Succeeds Act" (ESSA), effective December 10, 2016, includes provisions for students in foster care to be provided transportation service to and from their school of origin if it is in the student's best interest. This form facilitates and documents the provision of those services in accordance with the law. (This form is processed through the Office of School Choice.) (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif)

UPDATED Form 6.17b McKinney-Vento Student Transportation Services Slip - The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act guarantees a child qualified as homeless the right to attend the local attendance school or their school of origin, if it is the student's best interest.  This form facilitates and documents the provision of those services in accordance with the law. (This form is processed through the District Homeless Student Advocate.) (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif)

Form 7.01b - Bus Stop Change Request - Parents/guardians may appeal denied bus stop location decisions to the Bus Stop Change Committee (BSCC). The BSCC has the authority to relocate bus stops as appropriate in a manner consistent with School Board Rules and statutes as long as the safety, efficiency, and dependability of the existing bus stop is not degraded and as long as a bus stop change will not pose an unwarranted hardship on another student. (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif)

Form 7.02c - Pre-K Student Transportation Guidelines - Supplemental guidance (and parent acknowledgment) to School Board Rules and the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook regarding the transportation of Pre-Kindergarten students. (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif)

Form 7.03a - Pre-K Bus Intake Form - Provides the school bus operator with essential student contact information and designates adults (18 years or older) who are authorized to meet the student at the bus stop. (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif)

Atypical Transportation Roster Worksheet - Worksheet used for listing returning and newly registered students for programs (other than ESE) requiring special routing attention. These include ESOL, TAPP, I-Care, Pre-K, FRAME, Migrant, C2C Transfer, and PATS. (EXCEL Icon - Excel - Small.gif)

Bus Evacuation Safety Drill - School principals direct school bus emergency evacuation drills during the first six weeks of each semester and maintain documentation using this form per State Board Rule 6A-3.017.  (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif)

White Fleet Vehicle Driver Responsibilities & Checklists - SOPs pertaining to the care and operation of District non-school bus vehicles (white fleet vehicles). The document includes pertinent SOPs, driver acknowledgment of responsibilities, and the vehicle inspection checklist.  (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif)


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Main Switchboard
Transportation Office - (850) 469-5591 - Fax (850) 469-5661
M - F 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Mailing Address
Transportation Department
The School District of Escambia County
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