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Vision 2020 - Personalized Learning

Measurements of Success

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What is Future Ready?

Escambia County School District used the Future Ready District Assessment to gauge our district's readiness to begin implementing digital learning. It included a series of questions designed to help us frame a vision for digital learning, recognize the elements of the Future Ready Framework, specify how technology can help align these efforts to achieve higher college-and career-ready standards, and understand the type of digital leadership required to stage our district for success.

ECSD Future Ready Pledge

future ready pledge ecsd


CORE Final 2017

As part of the Vision 2020 initiative, the Escambia County School District has selected a learning management system that has been branded CORE. This system will be a unifying tool for learners to access all district resources. 

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                                            Chromebook Contract

                                      Chromebook Contract Video

                                   CORE Implementation Timeline

                                         Digital Transformation

G Suite Learning Materials

                                            Innovate to Educate

                                         Key Terms & Definitions

                                           National Ed Tech Plan

                                           Personalization Chart

                                  Personalized Learning Overview

                                       School Design Attributes

                                             UDL at a Glance

ECSD Definition of Personalized Learning

Personalized learning empowers students with voice and choice in the learning process. It is a student-centered approach that is facilitated by the teacher based on each learner's mastery of the standards. A personalized approach will take into account each learner's unique learning style, abilities, and interests. It is built on the premise that learning happens anywhere, anytime, and in flexible learning spaces.

Vision 2020 Status

 As of 2018-2019 all schools in Escambia County School District are actively participating in  Vision 2020-Personalized Learning.

  • Students grades 3-12 are 1:1 with a device to allow for voice and choice

  • A learning management system (CORE) is being implemented

  • Teachers are actively learning about and practicing Personalized Learning in their classrooms

  • Many classrooms are setup with flexible learning spaces

  • Innovation Centers are being creatively arranged to provide engaging areas of learning

Vision 2020 Brochure