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Phone: 850.469.5435
or 432.6121, Ext. 5435


Central Warehouse
51 East Texar Drive
Pensacola, Florida 32503

Hours of Operation:  
6:30 A.M. - 3:00 P.M.

Warehouse Instructions




Click here to see an example of a properly filled requisition

All requisitions must have the following information properly entered on the form:

  • Proper catalog Item ID number.

  • Proper catalog Unit of Measure.
  • Proper Cost Coding
  • Proper delivery location (if different from the charge cost center). If you do not know your delivery location number, please call the Warehouse and request assistance.
  • Do not enter more than one charge cost coding on one requisition. If items are to be charged to separate cost coding, separate requisitions must be filled out and submitted. 

Always enter the proper suffix to the cost center from the list below:

A-     Department- Educational Services

B-     Department- Finance and Business Affairs

C-     Middle/High School

E-     Elementary School

F-     Support Facilities  

G-     Department- General Administration

H-     High School

M-     Middle School

P-     Parochial Schools

R-     Department- Human Resources Management Services

S-     Special Centers

T-     Vocational Schools

X-     Other   

If you cannot determine the proper suffix from the above list, please call the Warehouse and request assistance.


Each item ID contains 7 digits. The first two digits identify the commodity group. All items in this catalog are in commodity group “01” (Instructional and Office Supplies) or “03” (Custodial Supplies).  The third and fourth digits identify the sub-commodity group (see Table of Contents for listing). The last three digits identify a sequentially assigned item number. Each  item listed on the requisition must have an item ID for the order to be properly filled.


Each cost center is responsible for checking materials on all distribution reports when delivery is made. If the order cannot be checked at the time of delivery, it must be checked within one working day, and any discrepancies reported to the Warehouse at once.

Large deliveries, such as occurs at the beginning of school must be checked as soon as possible. The maximum time permitted to check in this once a year delivery is five working days. After five working days, the Warehouse cannot be responsible for discrepancies.


If upon receipt and use of any item received from inventory, it is determined that the item is defective or of poor quality, notify the Central Warehouse at once at 469-5322, and speak with the Central Stores Manager.

Credits will be issued for return merchandise that is found to be defective or of poor quality. Every effort will be made to avoid such problems in the future.


When unusually large quantities are required of any item, please call the Central Warehouse to check inventory levels. If the Warehouse inventory levels cannot supply your immediate needs, the Warehouse staff will expedite the quantity you need in order to meet your requirements.


After submittal of a properly prepared Inventory Transfer Form, signed by the principal or department head, the Warehouse will pick up the items to be returned and issues a credit. Only one Item ID is possible.

Returns must be made within a reasonable time from the original receipt of the material. Five working days is normally permissible. Longer periods will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

 Click here to see a properly filled out "Warehouse Inventory Transfer Form"


The catalog prices are for estimating budget expenditures only. Due to shipment of new materials, the prices may vary. Within one week of delivery, all schools and departments will receive a Distribution of Inventory Charges Report from the Warehouse showing the actual charges made. The Finance Department will send a “cost center report by accounts” by the 10th of each month that will show the actual budget reduction. This amount should match the amount of the Distribution of Inventory Charges Report. If it doesn’t match, please notify the Warehouse for a reconciliation.


Walk-in issues can be made on an emergency basis only. Emergency issues are defined as any materials not on hand and will disrupt or stop classroom or office work.

The following procedure will be adhered to for all emergency walk-ins:


  1. Three items per emergency requisition will be strictly enforced. Exceptions will not be honored without Warehouse management approval.

  2. Telephone notification of an emergency pick-up is not necessary. Pre-picking of emergency pick-ups prior to arrival of the individual assigned to pick up the order is not permitted.

  3. Emergency orders must be prepared on a separate requisition. Select issuing or picking from a requisition already in process is not permitted.

  4. Issues from an order picked, staged and ready for delivery must be on an all or nothing basis. The entire order must be picked up or a new separate requisition should be properly prepared for up to three emergency items. The requisition must also be approved with an authorized signature and hand delivered to the Warehouse.


The Central Warehouse Management and Staff is desirous of offering the best possible service and quality of materials at the lowest possible cost to you, the end user.

Any comments regarding Central Warehouse procedures, paper work, personnel or materials are welcomed.

All complaints, comments, or suggestion will be considered. On page I-6, please find a prescribed format for submittal of any of your comments or ideas. It is not necessary to use this form, it is provided for your convenience. Telephone calls are also encouraged.

Please send the completed comment form to the Manager of Inventory and Warehouse Operations at the Central Warehouse. All submittals will be answered.

Click here for a sample complaint, suggestion and comment form



Although most items are delivered in the quantity requisitioned, occasionally the Warehouse may be low or out of stock on a particular item. When this occurs, the school or department may exercise the option of having the unfilled quantity or balance of an item shipped automatically as soon as the Warehouse receives the item(s) from its sources.

The procedure to obtain this service is simple; however, it does require attention to the Warehouse Distribution Report at the time of delivery from the Warehouse. The individual that signs for the shipment at the delivery point must take a moment and look at the distribution report in the “SHIP QTY EXCEPTION” column. If a quantity or zero is written in this column, this indicates that the requisitioned quantity in the “REM QUANTITY” column has been reduced. If the school or department wants to place the shortage on backorder, a simple mark (ü or  X) in the “ BACKORDER” column, will place the item(s) on backorder.

The Warehouse will ship the item(s) to the school or department as soon as received from our suppliers.

All backorders that have not been delivered by June 30 of each year are automatically erased from the system. It is therefore requested that no backorders be marked on the distribution sheets after May 15 of each year.


 IMPORTANT NOTE: If the mark is not placed in the BACKORDER column, the item(s) will NOT be placed on backorder! A new requisition must be filled out and submitted through normal procedures for the item(s) not received.