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SS.7.C.2.12 - Civic Action Project

Reporting Category 1: Origins and Purposes of Law and Government

Reporting Category 1: General

Enlightenment Ideas: SS.7.C.1.1

Impact of Key Documents: SS.7.C.1.2

English Policies: SS.7.C.1.3

Declaration of Independence: SS.7.C.1.4

Articles of Confederation: SS.7.C.1.5

Preamble of the Constitution: SS.7.C.1.6

Separation of Powers and Checks & Balances: SS.7.C.1.7

Federalists and Anti-Federalists: SS.7.C.1.8

Rule of Law: SS.7.C.1.9

Sources & Types of Laws: SS.7.C.3.10

Reporting Category 2: Roles, Rights, and Responsibilities of Citizens

Reporting Category 2: General

Citizenship: SS.7.C.2.1

Obligations of Citizens: SS.7.C.2.2

Bill of Rights & Other Amendments: SS.7.C.2.4

Constitutional Safeguards & Limits: SS.7.C.2.5

Constitutional Rights: SS.7.C.3.6

13th, 14th, 15th, 19th, 24th, & 26th Amendments: SS.7.C.3.7

Landmark Supreme Court Cases: SS.7.C.3.12

Reporting Category 3: Government Policies and Political Processes

Reporting Category 3: General

Political Parties: SS.7.C.2.8

Qualifications for Political Office: SS.7.C.2.9

Monitoring & Influencing Government: SS.7.C.2.10

Media & Political Communications: SS.7.C.2.11

Public Policy: SS.7.C.2.12

Multiple Perspectives: SS.7.C.2.13

U.S. Domestic & Foreign Policy: SS.7.C.4.1

Participation in International Organizations: SS.7.C.4.2

U.S. & International Conflicts: SS.7.C.4.3

Reporting Category 4: Organization and Function of Government

Reporting Category 4: General

Forms of Government: SS.7.C.3.1

Systems of Government: SS.7.C.3.2

Three Branches of Government: SS.7.C.3.3

Federalism: SS.7.C.3.4

Amendment Process: SS.7.C.3.5

Structure, Function, & Processes of Government: SS.7.C.3.8

Court System: SS.7.C.3.11

United States & Florida Constitutions: SS.7.C.3.13

Government Obligations & Services: SS.7.C.3.14

What You Need to Know:

Student Reading Review for SS.7.C.2.12

Develop a plan to resolve a state or local problem by researching public policy alternatives, identifying appropriate government agencies to address the issue, and determining a course of action.


Benchmark Clarifications:

  • Students will identify the appropriate level of government to resolve specific problems. Read more!
  • Students will identify appropriate government agencies to address state or local problems. Read more!
  • Students will analyze public policy alternatives to resolve state and local problems. Read more!
  • Students will compare public policy solutions and private community service solutions. Read more!

Example One (Low Complexity)

Who would a citizen contact about a problem with the city roads?

A. the county commissioner

B. the president

C. the governor

D. the mayor


Example Two (Moderate Complexity)

Shrimp and seafood industries in Florida are concerned about the freshwater supply from Georgia. If the freshwater supply is reduced, Florida's shrimp and seafood industries could be harmed.

Who is responsible for solving this dispute?

A. federal legislative branch

B. federal executive branch

C. state legislatures

D. state judiciary


Example Three (High Complexity)

Luis owns a small store in the downtown business district. He learned that at the next monthly council meeting, the mayor will propose limiting the amount of time that people can park on the streets in the business district. Luis is afraid that if the city council approves the proposal, his business will suffer.

Which of the following should be Luis's final step in attempting to resolve this issue?

A. prepare a map of the available downtown parking spaces

B. present an alternative proposal at the next council meeting

C. call council members with concerns about the proposed policy

D. survey downtown businesses to determine their thoughts on the issue


C.2.12 - Vocabulary


FLDOE Civics Tutorials

Finding Solutions
courtesy of FL Department of Education


Discovery Education


  • Using the Qualities of Good Citizenship to Make a Difference (total length 3:21) from America at its Best: What it means to be an American Citizen

Civics on Demand

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Chapter 14 - p. 338-354