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Florida Virtual School


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Courses Offered

Advanced Algebra w/ Financial Applications Algebra I
Algebra II Anatomy & Physiology
Art History (AP) Art History & Criticism I
Biology I Biology (AP)
Calculus Calculus AB (AP)
Calculus BC (AP) Chemistry I
Chinese I Chinese II
Chinese III Computer Science (AP)
Computing for College & Careers Creative Photography
Earth-Space Science Economics
English I English II
English III English IV
English IV College Prep English Language Comp (AP)
English Literature Comp (AP) Environmental Science (AP)
Fitness Lifestyle Design Forensic Science
Foundations of Web Design French I
French II Geometry
Guitar I HOPE
Human Geography (AP) Journalism I
Latin I Latin II
Latin III Law Studies
Leadership Skills Life Management Skills
Macroeconomics (AP) Microeconomics (AP)
Marine Science Music of the World
Outdoor Education Parenting Skills
Personal & Family Finance Personal Fitness
Physical Science Physics
Pre-Calculus Psychology I
Psychology (AP) Reading for College Success
Spanish I Spanish II
Spanish for Spanish Speakers Statistics (AP)
Social Media Sociology
US Government US Government & Politics (AP)
US History US History (AP)
User Interface Design World History



Additional courses may be offered to full-time and part-time students, but only these will meet the graduation requirement for an online course.