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Algebra & Modeling - 36%


Functions & Modeling - 36%


Statistics, Probability, & the Numbering System - 28%


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MAFS.912.N-CN.1.2 – Use the relation i 2 = -1 and the commutative, associative, and distributive properties to add, subtract, and multiply complex numbers.

  1. The benchmark will be assessed using Equation Response or Multi-select Response.
  2. Items may require students to add, subtract, and multiply complex numbers.
  3. Items will require the student to use the relation i 2 = -1 to convert imaginary numbers with an even power to a real number.

Example One

Example Two

Example Three

Example Four

Additional Examples

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Apply Real Number Properties
Add Complex Numbers I
Add Complex Numbers II
Subtract Complex Numbers I
Subtract Complex NUmbers II
Multiply by Imaginary Numbers
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Multiply Complex Numbers Part II
Multiply 1-Term Complex Numbers
Multiply 2 Complex Numbers
Simplify Imaginary Powers

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