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Teacher Resources




Elementary School Resources


This is a mini-lesson, including activities, you can use to teach your students responsibility.




Middle and High School Resources

Developing Self-Discipline

This is a mini-lesson you can use to teach your students how to develop self-discipline.


Ok, Inc.

This is a YouTube channel that has many good videos for you to watch and to show your students. Some of these may be restricted on Google Chrome but are not in Internet Explorer. They are linked below.

Texting While Driving

Sexting: The Price of a Text

Bullying: A Voice for the Broken

Cyberbullying: Posts that Paralyze

Suicide: A Life-Altering Leap

Drug Abuse: Diverging Paths

Prescription Drug Abuse: Prescription for Trouble

Teen Alcohol Abuse: Who I Want to Be

Dating Abuse: Get Out and Walk

Dating Abuse: Trapped

Date Rape: Ashamed

Marijuana: No Big Deal