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Hardwiring Highly Effective

Hardwiring Highly Effective

Our purpose is to recognize, learn, share, and celebrate highly effective practices in Escambia County School District. 


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Vision 2020

Making Learning Personal

“Personalized learning empowers students with voice and choice in the learning process.  It is a student-centered approach that is facilitated by the teacher based on each learner’s mastery of the standards.  A personalized approach will take into account each learner's unique learning style, abilities, and interests.  It is built on the premise that learning happens anywhere, anytime in flexible learning spaces.”


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Teacher/Student Partnership in a Learner Driven Environment


Cherie Stephens, a high school biology teacher, explains how she transformed her classroom into a learner driven environment by having her students design, create, and assess projects.

:30 Students plan and design their own projects based on their passion or questions about a topic. Designing Coherent Instruction (1e - Danielson Framework)

1:25 Students investigate their topics on line as the teacher guides them in using reliable online resources. Demonstrating Knowledge of Resources (1d - Danielson Framework)

2:00 A Gallery Walk allows students to share ideas and analyze the various projects. Setting Instructional Outcomes (1c - Danielson Framework) Establishing a Culture for Learning (2b - Danielson Framework)

2:30 Students create their own rubrics which helps them understand the assessment criteria. Using Assessment in Instruction (3d - Danielson Framework)

4:40 Teacher moves through a series of projects to create a learner driven environment. Engaging Students in Learning (3c - Danielson Framework)



Six Steps for Planning a Successful Project 

The Nine Steps of Project-Based Learning 

10 Steps to Encourage Student Voice and Choice

What is Blendspace?

Nominate a Learning Environment

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Standards Mastery

Standards Based Grouping

Mastering Standards with Options


Voice and Choice

Engaging Students Through Choice

Teacher/Student Partnership in a Learner-Driven Environment


Unique Styles, Abilities, and Interest

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Flexible Learning Spaces, Anywhere, Anytime

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Relationships/Building Rapport

Classroom Culture For Learning

Establishing Classroom Expectations



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