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MAFS.912.S-ID.1.4 – Use the mean and standard deviation of a data set to fit it to a normal distribution and to estimate population percentages.

  1. The benchmark will be assessed using Multiple Choice Response, Multi-select Response or Open Response.
  2. Items may require students to calculate the z-score and use it to compare a data point to the population or to use the z-score to compare two data points.
  3. Students should be familiar with the z-score table.

Example One

The heights of the male students at a college are approximately normally distributed.  Within this curve, 95% of the heights, centered about the mean, are between 62 inches and 78 inches.  The standard deviation is 4 inches.  Use this information to estimate the mean height of the males.  Approximate the probability that a male student is taller than 74 inches.  Explain how you determined your answers.

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Example Two

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Situations & Normal Distribution
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Applying the Empirical Rule
Extending the Empirical Rule
Find z-scores
Use z-scores & Tables
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