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School Advisory Council

Did You Miss the School Advisory Council Training?

Our October 24th School Advisory Council Training had over 120 persons in attendance! What a showing! Thank you all who have committed to serve on SAC for the 2017-2018 school year.


If you missed the training, please check out the downloadable resources to the right of this page, particularly the School Advisory Handbook.


Please contact Jennifer Montoya, Continuous Improvement Specialist, for additional information ( 

School Advisory Council (SAC) Information

Thank you for your interest in School Advisory Council (SAC). This page is designed to provide SACs with information regarding policies, procedures, and expectations for SACs and their members. In the Continuous Improvement Locker to the right, you will find the most current School Advisory Council Handbook. Please familiarize yourself with this handbook, as it provides a standard set of guidelines for establishing and maintaining a SAC, as well as an outline of expectations of the SAC and its members. You may download it or bookmark this page in your web browser so that you can refer to it as needed.

The SAC Training PowerPoint Is Now Viewable Online

The SAC training session that took place in October at the J. E. Hall Center saw a great turnout! Thank you to all who attended and/or presented.


The PowerPoint presentation that was delivered during the training has been uploaded to the Resource Locker on the right of this web-page. Feel free to download/view the presentation at your leisure. Please recall that the SAC Handbook is your go-to guide for information pertaining to SAC duties, policies, and procedures.


Please don't hesitate to call (850-469-5407) or email ( Jennifer Montoya in the Office of Continuous Improvement if she can be of assistance.

Minutes: Where Do They Go?

All SACs are required to keep accurate, complete minutes of every SAC meeting. The agenda and minutes of each meeting should be filed in two places: 1) with the principal of the school, and 2) with the Office of Continuous Improvement. Please email an electronic copy of each meeting's agenda and minutes (a pdf is ideal) to Elizabeth McCarver (, the secretary for the Office of Continuous Improvement.

Contact Us

School Advisory Councils are supported by the Office of Continuous Improvement, directed by Denny Wilson. For questions or inquiries, please contact us.


Denny Wilson, Director



Jennifer Montoya, Specialist