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Please review requirements prior to participating in the surveys.
The survey links and the link to proposed calendars are at the bottom of the page.


The School District of Escambia County must adhere to certain conditions associated with developing the academic calendar.  These conditions come from the following: Florida Statutes (FS), School Board Approval (SBA), Settlement Agreement (SA), and the Master Contract (MC).  Please consider the information below when providing feedback and/or recommendations to the proposed academic calendars.

1.  School can begin no earlier than August 10. (FS)

2.  School must be in session 180 days or the equivalent on an hourly basis (no less than 900 hours). Each proposal has 178 student days and exceeds the hourly requirement. (FS)

3.  Each grading period is approximately nine weeks in length. (SBA)

4.  Teachers work 190 days. (MC)

5.  High school students must be in attendance a minimum of 67.5 hours (not days) to earn .5 course credit each semester. The proposals presented exceed the minimum requirement. (FS)

6.  Adequate break time must be in the calendar for 10 and 11 month Educational Support Employees to utilize up to fourteen paid days off, six of which must be taken at Christmas break. (SA)

7.  The following days, and other days determined by the District School Board, are designated as paid holidays for permanent, full-time Educational Support employees and permanent, part-time employees in accordance with Article IV.2 of the ESP Master Contract.  Actual dates shall be noted in the District calendar as appropriate. (MC)

One (1) day at Fourth of July

One (1) day at Labor Day

One (1) day at Veterans Day

Two (2) days at Thanksgiving

Two (2) days at Winter Holiday (Christmas)

Two (2) days at New Years

One (1) day at Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday

One (1) day at Spring Break (Good Friday)

One (1) day at Memorial Day


8.  Teachers have a minimum of 10 planning/learning days, which includes two days minimum after the end of the second semester to calculate and submit student grades. (MC)


9. Administrative, professional, instructional personnel and permanent educational support personnel will have six paid holidays at Christmas. (SA) (MC)


10. The School Board and Superintendent desire to end the first semester prior to the Christmas break.

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Thank you for assisting the Escambia County School District.