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Athletic Programs

Fall Season

          Male:                       Female:

       Football                    Volleyball      

    Cross Country          Cross Country

          Golf                             Golf

     Swim/Dive                 Swim/Dive


Winter Season

        Male:                            Female:

    Basketball                     Basketball

      Soccer                 Competitive Cheer

   Wrestling                          Soccer



Spring Season

     Male:                                 Female:

  Baseball                               Softball

  Lacrosse                             Lacrosse

   Tennis                                  Tennis

Track & Field                   Track & Field

Weightlifting                   Flag Football


All sports teams may not be offered at every school. Some of the schools also offer Junior Varsity and Freshman teams in certain sports.

For information, please contact your school's Athletic Director.

High Schools

Below please find information about all of our high schools.

Click on the logo to visit that school's athletic webpage.

Escambia High School


          Principal:  Frank Murphy


          Athletic Director:  Ryan James

Office:  (850) 453-3221 ext. 226

Pensacola High School

PHSPrincipal:  Saraya Miller


            Athletic Director: Terrence Harris

Office: (850) 595-1500 ext. 283

Northview High School

Northview    Principal: Michael Sherrill

    Athletic Director: Obreonne Smith

Office: (850) 327-6681

Pine Forest High School

Principal:  Deborah Ray


Athletic Director:  Stephon McKinnon

Office:  (850) 941-6157

Tate High School

Principal:  Laura Touchstone


Athletic Director:  Greg Blackmon 

Office: (850) 937-5471

Washington High School

WashingtonPrincipal:  Richard Shackle


Athletic Director:  Jade Brown 

Office: (850) 475-5257

West Florida High School

Principal:  Esi Shannon

West Florida

  Athletic Director:  Todd Leonard

Office: (850) 941-6221 ext. 2133