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Behavioral Resources for At-Home Instruction

The following information includes a collection of behavioral resources and supports that may be helpful to assist families and caregivers in providing at-home instruction during the COVID-19 extended school closure. Families or caregivers may utilize these resources independently or collaborate with their student's teachers and/or school behavioral support staff to determine if these resources meet the student's specific behavioral needs within the home environment.  

PLEASE NOTE: The materials shared on this site are a collection of resources from various professionals and organizations. All website links were reviewed and met professional expectations at the time they were posted to this site. If any information on linked websites need to be brought to our attention, please email Donna Perry at or call 850-382-1674. Thank you!

Parent/caregiver resources
Training Opportunities
Resources by Topic

Supporting resources and links to printable materials can be found by clicking on the name of each topic below.