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Bus Employee Resources

Employee Holiday Party

To access the survey, please click HERE

2023 Workplace Giving Campaign

To access the survey, please click HERE

2022 Transportation Employee Engagement Survey

To access the survey, please click HERE

Employee Benefits

Benefits Enrollment Guide HERE

Employee Email Access

The District has created e-mail accounts for all District employees. Employees can access their e-mail via the District website. From the main page, click on the "Gmail" link located on the left side of the page. Utilize your Skyward login information to gain access.  Employees experiencing difficulty logging in can call 429-2900 for assistance and/or reference the District's Gmail training resources page HERE.

Annual Inservice Schedule

When: Tuesday, August 2, 2022 @ 7:30 AM (registration begins)
Where: Washington HS Auditorium
Who: All Employees

ESE Equipment Pickup Schedule

Area 24 & 27 Wednesday, 3 August, 2022 from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM
Area 22 & 23 Thursday, 4 August, 2022 from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM
Area 25 & 30 Friday, 5 August, 2022 from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM

ESE equipment checkout form HERE

Bid Session Schedules

SBA Temporary Bid Session
When: Thursday, September 15, 2022 @ 9:45 AM (registration begins)
Where: Hall Center, Room 160
Who: Permanently hired SBAs only
Seating will be limited and will be rotated by seniority as seats are vacated. Out of consideration for others, please attend only if you intend to bid.

* Bid Sheet will be posted HERE, Thursday, September 15, 2022 *

***All routes and times subject to change***

School Start-Release Schedule

2022-2023 School Start-Release Schedule HERE.

Policies, Procedures, Handbooks

Transportation Department SOP (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif)
School Bus Operator & Assistant Handbook (Click HERE)
Florida CDL Handbook (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif)
Bus Radio User Guide (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif)
Bus Radio Frequently Asked Questions (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif
Cell Phone SOP (Click HERE)

Positive Behavior Support (PBS) Resources

District PBIS Website
Florida PBS Website
National PBS Website


IMPORTANT: For best results in filling and saving form-fill PDF forms, save or download the form to your desktop then edit the saved blank form from your computer (not your internet browser). Then, save the completed form with a unique file name on your computer in order to retain the original blank form as a template on your computer. Continue to refer to this page, however, to ensure you are using the most current version of the form.

Minor Student Disciplinary Infractions:
Minor Infraction Responses Reference Sheet (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif)
Form 1.18a - School Bus Behavior Log (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif)
Form 1.17a - School Bus Reflection Exercise (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif)
Form 1.19a - School Bus Student Discipline Report (Parent) (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif)
Form 1.20a - School Bus Student Discipline Report (School) (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif)

Seating Charts:
Form 1.04a - Seating Chart - 84 Passenger (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif; Excel Icon - Excel - Small.gif)
Form 1.05a - Seating Chart - 77 Passenger (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif; Excel Icon - Excel - Small.gif)
Form 1.06a - Seating Chart - 65 Passenger (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif; Excel Icon - Excel - Small.gif)
Form 1.07a - Seating Chart - 47 Passenger (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif; Excel Icon - Excel - Small.gif)
Form 1.08a - Seating Chart - 29 Passenger (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif; Excel Icon - Excel - Small.gif)

FTE Survey:
Mileage Chart (Excel Icon - Excel - Small.gif)

Inspection Checklists:
Form 1.16d - Pre-Trip/Post-Trip Inspection Checklist (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif)
Form 1.21a - Activity Bus Inspection Checklist (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif)

Other Forms:
Form 3.04a - SBO/SBA Activity Trip Enrollment - Used to sign up to transport students on activity trips.  (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif)
Notification of Convicted Traffic Violation Form (PDF Icon - PDF - Small.gif)

Previously published courses:

Getting Started

Summer Compounding (There is no test)

Wednesday, April 1

Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Prevention (20 minutes)

Thursday, April 2

Coronavirus Awareness (8 minutes)
Coronavirus: Preparing Your Household (9 minutes)
Cybersecurity Overview (13 minutes)

Friday, April 3

Bus Behavior and Discipline (19 minutes)
Child Safety Restraint Systems (25 minutes)
City Driving (15 minutes)
Crossing Guard Safety (15 minutes)
Defensive Driving (19 minutes)
Distracted Driving (12 minutes)
Evacuation Planning for Students with Special Needs (25 minutes)
Transportation Safety (29 minutes)
Wheelchair Securement (20 minutes)

Monday, April 6

Road Rage (7 minutes)
Winter Driving (15 minutes)
ADHD Overview (48 minutes)
ADHD Overview (Essentials) (17 minutes)
ADHD: Elementary Interventions (44 minutes)
ADHD: Secondary Interventions (40 minutes)

Tuesday, April 7

Athletic Liability (45 minutes)
Concussion Awareness: Athletics (18 minutes)
Sport Supervision and Safety (24 minutes)
Steroid and PED Awareness in Athletics (26 minutes)
Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Athletes (15 minutes)
Title IX and Gender Equity in Athletics (45 minutes)

Wednesday, April 8

ABA Overview (47 minutes)
ABA: Reinforcement and Discrimination Procedures (35 minutes)
ABA: Shaping, Fading and Conditioning Reinforcers (32 minutes)
ASD Overview (37 minutes)
ASD Overview (Essentials) (18 minutes)

Thursday, April 9

ASD: Intervention Strategies (37 minutes)
Asperger's and Verbal Students with ASD - Part 1 (28 minutes)
Asperger's and Verbal Students with ASD - Part 2 (36 minutes)
PECS: Part 1 - Pyramid Approach (35 minutes)
PECS: Part 2 - Use and Benefits (41 minutes)

Monday, April 13

Transporting Students With Special Needs (NHTSA) Part 1 (5 Tests) 

Tuesday, April 14

Transporting Students With Special Needs (NHTSA) Part 2 (6 tests)

Wednesday, April 15

Cellphone and Personal Electronic Devices Policies and Procedures (20 minutes)
Social Stories Overview (34 minutes)
Social Stories: Ten Defining Criteria (63 minutes)
Structured Teaching: Part 1 - Individualized Visual Daily Schedules (59 minutes)

Thursday, April 16

Evacuation Drill
Know Your Route (NHTSA)
Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Survey
Structured Teaching: Part 2 - Work Systems (42 minutes)
Structured Teaching: Part 3 - Tasks and Activities (46 minutes)

Friday, April 17

Dispatch Language (10 minutes)
Emergencies, Incidents, Accidents and Situations (18 minutes)
ADA Title II Evaluation and Transition Plans (32 minutes)
Americans with Disabilities Act Overview (26 minutes)
Boundary Invasion (23 minutes)
Conflict Management: Managing the Angry Parent (20 minutes)
Conflict Management: Staff-to-Staff (14 minutes)
Conflict Management: Student-to-Student (20 minutes)
Customer Service Overview (10 minutes)
General Ethics in the Workplace (18 minutes)

Monday, April 20

Time Reporting Survey (15 minutes)
Time Card Procedures (15 minutes)
Leave Procedures & Requirements (15 minutes)
BIP Overview (48 minutes)
EBD Overview (43 minutes)
EBD: Screening (40 minutes)

Tuesday, April 21

ESE Equipment Training (35 minutes)
Pre-K Policy, Procedures & Guidelines (20 minutes)
FBA Overview (38 minutes)
Managing Challenging Behavior: Part 1 - Antecedent Strategies (43 minutes)
Managing Challenging Behavior: Part 2 - Consequence Strategies (54 minutes)

Wednesday, April 22

Drug and Alcohol Procedures (45 minutes)
SBO/SBA Roles and Responsibilities (15 minutes)
Oppositional Defiant Disorder (47 minutes)
Reactive Attachment Disorder (37 minutes)
Restraint and Seclusion Overview (37 minutes)

Thursday, April 23

Bus Ramp Procedures (20 minutes)
SBO/SBA Professionalism (15 minutes)
Restraint and Seclusion: Alternatives (44 minutes)
School-Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (42 minutes)
Self-Regulation Skills for Elementary Students (51 minutes)

Friday, April 24

The Smith System (25 minutes)
Defensive Driving CMV (80 minutes)
BIP Overview (Essentials) (18 minutes)
EBD Overview (Essentials) (15 minutes)
Restraint and Seclusion Overview (Essentials) (20 minutes)
Coronavirus: Managing Stress and Anxiety (10 minutes)
Coronavirus: Transitioning to a Remote Workforce (9 minutes)

Monday, April 27

Know Your School Bus (45 minutes)
Field Trips/Activity Trips (15 minutes)
Browser Security Basics (15 minutes)
Password Security Basics (10 minutes)
Email and Messaging Safety (12 minutes)
Cyberbullying (22 minutes)
Online Safety: Predators (17 minutes)
Online Safety: Threats of Violence (14 minutes)
Online Safety: What Every Educator Needs to Know (17 minutes)

Tuesday, April 28

Appropriate Care of School Buses (10 minutes)
Loading and Unloading Procedures (NHTSA) (45 minutes)
CIPA: Compliance with the Children's Internet Protection Act (14 minutes)
Copyright Infringement (24 minutes)
Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Overview (15 minutes)
Protection Against Malware (15 minutes)
Diversity Awareness: Staff-to-Staff (25 minutes)
Diversity Awareness: Staff-to-Student (30 minutes)

Wednesday, April 29

Operation Lifesaver (65 minutes)
Discrimination Awareness in the Workplace (15 minutes)
Drug Free Workplace (22 minutes)
Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) (15 minutes)
FERPA: Confidentiality of Records (16 minutes)
HIPAA Overview (14 minutes)
Title VI Overview (33 minutes)

Thursday, April 30

Student Leadership & Progressive Discipline Procedures (50 minutes)
Sexual Harassment: Staff-to-Staff (29 minutes)
Sexual Harassment: Student Issues & Response (34 minutes)
Sexual Misconduct: Staff-to-Student (35 minutes)
Workplace Bullying: Awareness and Prevention (16 minutes)
Workplace Violence: Awareness and Prevention (21 minutes)

Friday, May 1

School Bus Driving Emergencies/Best Practices (60 minutes)
Active Shooter (46 minutes)
Crisis Response and Recovery (22 minutes)
Terrorism: Awareness and Response (34 minutes)
Threat Assessment (24 minutes)

Monday, May 4

How to prepare for your DOT Physical (60 minutes)
Administrative Supervision of Students (25 minutes)
Bullying: Recognition & Response (71 minutes)
Child Abuse: Identification & Intervention (33 minutes)

Tuesday, May 5

Bus Tickets (15 minutes)
Perks of Being a Bus Driver/Driver Attitude (10 minutes)
Seating Charts (20 minutes)
Child Abuse: Mandatory Reporting (29 minutes)
Communication Styles and Skills (11 minutes)
Cultural Competence and Racial Bias (18 minutes)
Dating Violence: Identification and Prevention (20 minutes)
De-Escalation Strategies (23 minutes)
Disruptive Student Behavior (35 minutes)

Wednesday, May 6

Daily Student Ridership Checkoffs (15 minutes)
Disciplinary Matrix - Student Conduct (15 minutes)
Dress Code (8 minutes)
Student Management (NHTSA) (15 minutes)
Gang Awareness (30 minutes)
Hazing Awareness and Prevention (21 minutes)
Making Schools Safe and Inclusive for LGBTQ Students (34 minutes)
Making Schools Safe and Inclusive for Transgender Students (19 minutes)
Playground Supervision (17 minutes)

Thursday, May 7

Driving Under Adverse Weather Conditions (NHTSA) (45 minutes)
Prescription Drug and Opioid Abuse: Impact on Students (23 minutes)
Restraint and Seclusion (22 minutes)
Self-Injury and Cutting (21 minutes)
Student Drug & Alcohol Abuse (33 minutes)
Students Experiencing Homelessness: Awareness and Understanding (26 minutes)

Friday, May 8

Garage Procedures (45 minutes)
Youth Suicide: Awareness, Prevention and Postvention (41 minutes)
Special Education Aides: Safety and Injury Prevention (32 minutes)
Special Education: Lifts and Transfers (30 minutes)
Special Education: Safety in the Classroom (27 minutes)

Monday, May 11

Bus Operator and Assistant Bidding (20 minutes)
Early Childhood: ASD Intervention Practices (45 minutes)
Early Childhood: Partnering with Caregivers and Families (32 minutes)
Early Childhood: Social Communication (42 minutes)
Early Childhood: Social Emotional Learning (34 minutes)

Tuesday, May 12

Scenarios (65 minutes)
Early Childhood: Language Development and Literacy (45 minutes)
Data Security Awareness (20 minutes)
Escambia Incident Response (20 minutes)
Escambia Sexual Harassment Refresher (15 minutes)
Getting Started with SafeSchools Alert (23 minutes)

Wednesday, May 13

Bus Inspection (50 minutes)
Special Education Introduction: Elementary (39 minutes)
Special Education Introduction: Secondary (43 minutes)
Bullying and Students with Special Needs (42 minutes)

Thursday, May 14

Fueling District Vehicles (10 minutes)
School Psychologist and Educator Partnership (42 minutes)
School Safety for Students with Disabilities (46 minutes)
Transition Services (29 minutes)
Inclusion Services (58 minutes)

Friday, May 15

Working Safely with Students with Special Needs (29 minutes)
Bullying and Students with Special Needs (Essentials) (23 minutes)
School Safety for Students with Disabilities (Essentials) (22 minutes)
Special Education Introduction (Essentials) (18 minutes)
IDEA Overview (45 minutes)
FAPE (52 minutes)

Monday, May 18

Special Education Legislation (44 minutes)
Arson Awareness and Prevention (30 minutes)
Copper Theft Awareness (9 minutes)
Crime Prevention through Physical Security (23 minutes)
Safety Basics for Security Staff (22 minutes)
School Intruders (11 minutes)
School Violence: Identifying & Addressing (20 minutes)
Visual Weapons Screening (20 minutes)

Tuesday, May 19

AED (Automated External Defibrillators) (20 minutes)
Bedbugs in Schools (12 minutes)
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) (14 minutes)
Common Illness Prevention (13 minutes)
First Aid (32 minutes)
Head Lice (10 minutes)
Health Emergencies: Asthma Awareness (14 minutes)
Health Emergencies: Choking and the Heimlich Maneuver (8 minutes)
Health Emergencies: Diabetes Awareness (11 minutes)
Health Emergencies: Hemophilia (9 minutes)
Health Emergencies: Life-Threatening Allergies (13 minutes)
Health Emergencies: Overview (20 minutes)

Wednesday, May 20

Health Emergencies: Seizures (12 minutes)
HIV/AIDS Awareness (8 minutes)
MRSA Awareness (13 minutes)
Opioid Overdose Response Awareness (18 minutes)
Pandemic Flu (21 minutes)
Severe Bleeding Response: Wound Packing and Tourniquet Use (12 minutes)
Stress Management (29 minutes)
Student Mental Health (25 minutes)
Trauma Awareness (35 minutes)

Thursday, May 21

Child Find (38 minutes)
Discipline: Legal Implications (51 minutes)
Federal Laws in Special Education (53 minutes)
LRE and Placement (44 minutes)

Friday, May 22

Proper Procedure for Obtaining Parts from the Parts Room (10 minutes)
Measurable Goals (39 minutes)
Procedural Safeguards (48 minutes)
Section 504 Compliance (31 minutes)


Logging into Safe Schools Training Website:

1. To access your assigned training, enter your district username.
2. Click in the password box and enter your district username password.
3. Select any course by simply clicking on the name of the course (your route manager will tell you which ones to complete). The courses have audio so turn up your speakers if you wish to hear the narration.
4. You must complete all the training scenarios and the assessment to receive completion credit for the course. Do not fast forward through, allow them play so you can learn and get proper credit.
5. You will have the option to print out a Certification of Completion once you complete the course.
6. Using your web browser, go to the web page below to log in and start your course work:

Note: Please do not "request access" to Google courses using your personal email account (your district account already has access). If you see "You need permission" after you have opened a course link, please click "Switch accounts" and sign in/switch to your account).

Don't know your username? Click HERE to look up your district username ID.

Don't know your password? Click HERE to reset your password.

For route manager/area specific assistance please contact your manager via Hangouts ( or Gmail (

Employees having trouble logging in can call 429-2900 for assistance and/or reference the district's Gmail training resources page HERE.