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Bus Stop Locator Tool

Bus Stop Locator Tool

The Bus Stop Locator Tool will be available one week prior to the start of each new school year. We highly recommend that parents double-check the Tool the evening before the first day of school since route change during the final week before school start when students are added to the rosters.

Note: It is imperative that parents/guardians ensure student contact information remains current in the District's student database throughout the year as school services and the ability of the District to contact parents/guardians in the event of an emergency depend on it.

The Bus Stop Locator Tool does not pertain to students who attend school on a school choice approval or other students who attend school "out of zone" (they live outside of the school's regular attendance zone).

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A full list of stops servicing center-to-center (C2C) transportation destinations can be found HERE.


Note: Transportation service on board these buses is provided on a space available basis and must be requested by the parent/guardian and approved by the route manager in advance.