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Any technical questions in response to using CORE-LMS, CORE-SIS, or CORE-Schoolnet should be submitted by either calling the Service Desk at 850.462.9493 

or by submitting a HelpDesk Ticket Online:

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CORE Information

Available April 3, 2020

Newsletters, updates, and features of the CORE-LMS, the CORE-SIS, and  the CORE-Schoolnet

All the videos from the CORE-LMS YouTube Channel and those from the CORE-SIS FOCUS for Teachers are in these video playlists.  Watch one, some or all- click the 3 stacked lines on the top right in order to see the titles of all included videos.

CORE-LMS YouTube Channel
CORE-SIS: FOCUS for Teachers Playlist
2018-2019 CORE-LMS Newsletter