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Curriculum Snapshot

Handy resource which includes the following:

Achievement Level Descriptors

Lexile Bands per Grade Levels

Test Item Specs


Vertical Alignment 6-8

Vertical Alignment 8-12

Digital Primary Sources

Tools for College & Career Readiness


International Reading Association

YALSA's Book Awards & Booklists

Florida Students' Resources by Standard


Articles and Booklets

Keep in mind when you download the booklets that you can use the table of contents to look up your specific needs.  Don't let the number of pages overwhelm you it is a resource to be used as needed.


Teens Reading Mentor Curriculum

Getting Adolescent Boys to Read

Articles of Interest

Helping Teens Become Better Readers and Writers

Engaging African-American Males (Tatum)


eLead Newsletter

Stay informed by viewing the Secondary ELA newsletter entitled eLead.

Teacher Curriculum Leader Meetings

Test Blueprints for English 3, English 3 Honors, and English 4 Honors Final Exams

Teacher committees were put together to create test blueprints for English 3, English 3 Honors, and English 4 Honors. To download an Excel file these blueprints, click here.

These blueprints were created by scanning the standards trace provided to us by HMH and determining which standards were taught and assessed the most throughout the entire school year. These standards - called our "power standards" - were chosen to be assessed. They are highlighted in bold text on the blueprints.

This blueprint will serve as a guide for you to create a final exam for your class. It is a design for a standards-based test, so there is no specific content mentioned. That is up to the discretion of the creators of the assessment.