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Spelling Bee Rules

Sandy Sansing Spelling Bee



2022 Spelling Bee

Registration closed on January 28, 2022. 

Spelling Bee Memo 


To:    Spelling Bee Coordinators in Escambia; selected private and parochial schools; elementary English Language Arts Representatives; middle and high school English Language Arts Department Heads, Literacy Coaches

From:    Jessica Rowell, Secondary English Language Arts Specialist                     English Language Arts Department
              J.E. Hall Center, 30 E. Texar Drive
             Pensacola, FL  32503
             (850) 469-5409  

Date:     November 22, 2021

Re:    The Forty-Sixth Annual Sandy Sansing Spelling Bee


The Forty-Sixth Annual Sandy Sansing Spelling Bee will be held in the Washington High School Auditorium on February 24, 2022. Each school may register one student to participate in the spelling bee.  Online school registration forms must be completed and submitted by January 28, 2022.  

Please review the links below for registration and student preparation:

Contest Rules

Format and Eligibility

Practice Lists

ECSD Spelling Bee website 

If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Rowell at 469-5409 or

We appreciate the continuing sponsorship of the Sansing family. With your support, we will encourage increased literacy in the greater Pensacola area. Thank you to all.

cc:    Dr. Timothy Smith, Superintendent, Escambia County School         District; Steve Marcanio, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction; Brian Alaback, Director of Professional Learning; Dr. Michael Roberts, Director of Middle Schools; Dr. Patti Thomas, Director of Elementary Schools; Connie Farish, Director of Elementary Schools; Lisa Marsh, English Language Arts Specialist



Links to Practice Lists

You can use these sites to prepare your participant(s):

Spelling City 

Eduplace spelling lists 

Spelling and word lists 

Robyn's Apparently Average Spelling Quiz 



National Spelling Bee Resources