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Kindergarten Assessment

ESGI Support Site

Testing with ESGI video

Pulling Reports from ESGI

ESGI 2020 Intro Video

ESGI Remote Assessment Video

ESGI in Under 5 Minutes

Directions for posting standards grades here (Standards Grades are now under the assessment tab on FOCUS)

Videos for posting standards grades here

2021-22 Kindergarten Read at Home Plan


First Grade 


Second Grade

Third Grade 

Click here for portfolio instructions and score sheets.

Click here for a Schoolnet 101 slideshow from the  ECSD IT Dept.

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Click here for parent letters and promotion information. 


ELA Department

Teaching grammar & comprehension with sentences

ELA Frameworks & Planning


Close Reading Refresher

Turn & Talk with TDQ's

Teaching Inferential Language in K

Inferential Language in Grade 3

Engaging Students During Distance Learning See our new page Teaching Reading in a Digital Environment for more!

Extending Complex text to Small Group Video

Comprehensive Assessment video

Accountable Talk/Point of View Video

Juicy Sentences Video
Read this paper from the creator of Juicy Sentences. 

Text evidence whole group video

Differentiating Complex Text in small group video
Small group management video
Nonfiction strategy instruction in small group video

Multi-sensory Vocabulary video

Learning Objectives/Informational Text/Ask & Answer questions/writing video

Scaffolding with Think Pair Share video

List Group Label Vocabulary Activity video

Analyzing Viewpoint in small group video 

Teaching Academic Language with Marzano's 6 Steps


PMP Update
SRA Close Out
Notice and Note Signposts
Teacher shows anchor chart

Elementary   ELA Updates Newsletters

Professional Articles

Collected here are some articles well known in reading research or the ELA team feels are worthy of reading.

Great online article from ASCD about UDL