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District Extended Program

The District Extended Program is a cooperative education work program for exceptional students 18-22 years of age who have deferred receipt of their standard diploma.


Agency Programs Provided:

ARC Gateway:                                         

Pollak Training Center                         

1000 E. Fairfield Drive


Adult Enrichment:

Adult day training program providing daily activities and experiences to develop positive work habits, social skills, self-image, adaptive skills, communications, self-care, independence, recreation, and leisure skills.

Secure Document Shredding:

Includes daily work in sorting documents to be shredded, running an industrial shredder, and picking up documents from local businesses.


Pollak Industries

2313 Truman Avenue


Provides daily work in a industrial environment that includes plant sleeves, survey stakes and concrete products, recycle mardi gras beads, and package electrical parts.


Community-based Employment

2313 Truman Avenue


Provides community based work in small groups at minimum wage based on productivity.  Training provided in employability skills and good work habits.  Work includes industrial operations, grounds maintenance, and custodial services.


New Horizons Emerald Coast Workshop

2570 W. Nine Mile Road


Provides opportunities for clients to receive daily living, self-care, educational, client rights, health and safety, community inclusion, and work skills training.  Provides therapeutic positioning throughout the day.


Pyramid, Inc.

7309 W. Hwy 98


Adult day training program designed to work on skill building, behavioral guidance, nutrition management, therapeutic re-positioning, community inclusion, performing/visual arts, and computer skills.


Capstone Adaptive Learning and Therapy Center, Inc.

2912 North "E" Street


Adult program that provides vocational, mobility, social, computer, and adaptive skills training, as well as, training for adaptive equipment and art classes.

Captston Adaptive Learning and Therapy Center, Inc. Employment Training Center

2600 W. Fairfield Drive


School to Work transition program that provides young adults with computer and job skills training, as well as, job development and employment opportunities, through projects such as creating newsletters, brochures, building resumes, and accessing the Internet.


Work Experience


Non-paid Work Experience

Training received in public sector work sites prior to employment in a paid position.  Transportation is provided by the school district.  Selected sites have daily job coach assistance.



Paid Employment

Employment in the private sector while earning school credit.  Students receive pay.  Transportation is the responsibility of the student with assistance from the OJT staff.  Support services are available.


Student Program Benefits:

  • Students feels good about themselves.
  • Students have the opportunity to earn pay.
  • grades typically improve.
  • Opportunities for being employed after completion of the program are improved.
  • Students who have good experiences generally stay in school.
  • Support services are provided to assist students on the job.

Work Experience Opportunities:

  • Elementary School
  • Environmental Services (EVS) Program
  • Food Services Program
  • Goodwill Easter Seals Program
  • Horticulture/Landscape Program
  • Project SEARCH


Kim Norris, DEP Instructor

Kim oversees the Agency Programs for District Extended Program (DEP).  

Office number:  850-941-6071 ext. 2 

Work Cell:  850-777-0619


Office location:  2400 Longleaf Drive, Pensacola, FL  32526

Bldg 1 Room 208

If you have any questions about the agency services part of DEP, please contact Kim Norris.


Tracie Kelley, DEP Instructor

Tracie is one of the District Extended Program (DEP) Job Coaches.  She oversees the elementary school program, school based enterprise at Longleaf Elementary and the training at Goodwill Easter Seals.

Office number:  


Office location:  2600 Longleaf Drive, Pensacola, FL  32526

Room 219

If you have any questions about the elementary school setting as part of DEP or in the retail program at Goodwill, please contact Tracie Kelley.


Sandy Griffin, DEP Instructor

Sandy is one of our District Extended Program (DEP) Job Coaches.  She oversees the Environmental Services program (EVS) on the George Stone campus and paid employment students. 

Office number:  850-941-6071 ext. 4

Work Cell number:  525-5812


Office location:  2400 Longleaf Drive, Pensacola, FL  32526

Bldg. 1, Room 207

If you have any questions about the Environmental Services Program or paid employment, please contact Sandy Griffin.