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First-Year Teachers

If I resign at the end of the school year, when will my insurance terminate?

Your coverage will terminate at the end of the month in which you resign or July 31, whichever comes first.  For example, if you resign in May, your coverage terminates on May 31.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

Do I have to enroll in the FSA each year?

Yes.  The FSA does not renew automatically.  You must enroll each year (and indicate your dollar elections) during Open Enrollment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Prescription Drugs

What pharmacies are covered under our plan?

A list of pharmacies is available in the Employee Benefits Guide distributed to you prior to Open Enrollment.  You can also search for a pharmacy through the District's on-line Rx Drug Website.  Click on the following link to access the site  You will be asked to register for access for your first time.  The registration process is simple and the site provides invaluable information concerning your Rx Drug Plan, Rx pricing, pharmacy locator, etc...

How can I help in reducing cost for myself and the District to avoid continued increases in co-pays and coverages?

One way is to always ask your doctor to prescribe generic medications, when available.  Think generic drugs are second-rate phonies?  Well think again!  Generics are just like brand-name drugs, except for the price (it's lower).  These drugs have the same active ingredients, same quality, same strength, and purity, but at a substantially lower price.

Are attention deficit disorder medications for adults covered?

No, unless you provide a letter from your doctor with an explanation of why the prescription is medically necessary.  In that case, normal co-pays apply depending upon the type of drug (generic or brand) prescribed by your doctor.

Since there are no employee discounts any longer for 90-day supply, should I continue to use the mailorder or 90-day supply program?

Yes, drugs are more expensive at local pharmacies than they are through the mail-order program.  That's why you should fill only short-term prescriptions (maximum 30-day supply for one co-pay) at local pharmacies.  For long-term maintenance medications, continue to use the mail-order drug program, or other pharmacies agreeing to use 90-day supply discount cost.  It's cheaper for the District (lower prices) which can provide savings to the Plan that can be used in offset rate increases in future years.  And that means lower premiums for everyone.


Do we have a network of preferred dental providers?

No, there is no dental network.  You may see the dentist of your choice.

How does my dental coverage work?

You and the plan share the cost as follows:

 - First the plan pays 90 % of the first $125 of covered expenses.

 - Next you pay a $100 deductible (up to 3 per family)

 - Then the plan pays 50% of covered expenses (up to $800 maximum annual benefit per person)

 - And you pay the remaining amount including all charges above reasonable and customary.

How does orthodontic coverage work?

Orthodontic care is for children only (under age 19).  You and the plan share the cost as follows:

 - The plan pays 50% of covered services (up to $1,000 lifetime benefit per child)

 - You pay the remaining amount including all charges above reasonable and customary.



Can I cover my extended family (parents, nieces, nephews, grandchildren) under the health care plan?

No.  Coverage is for you and your eligible dependents only. 

How can I change my health coverage level (from single to family, employee +spoue, or vice versa)?

Just stop by the Risk Management office and fill out a new enrollment card.  If you participate in the Cafeteria Plan, you may only change coverage during Open Enrollment or within 31 days of a qualifying event according to IRS guidelines.  (You must present proof of prior insurance to avoid a 12-month preexisting condition exclusion when you add dependent coverage.)


Do we have a new life insurance booklet?  Has my coverage changed?

Effective April 1, 2013, the new company is the Standard Insurance Company.  Our life insurance company recently changed.  Your coverage, though, has not changed.  If you have not received a new CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE , you may contact Rish Management at 850-469-6267 to receive a copy, or download a copy by clicking on the above link.


Do we have vision coverage?

Yes.  Vision coverage is available through the voluntary VisionCare Program (VCP).  Call Risk Management at 469-6160 for information  on how you can enroll.

Why do I have to wait until Open Enrollment to add or cancel my vision coverage?

Your vision care premiums are subject to IRS rules because they are deducted from your pay before taxes are withheld.  The IRS permits coverage changes only during Open Enrollment or within 30 days after a qualifying change in family status.  (The coverage change must be consistent with the life-event change.)