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Schedule a Field Trip

Team of students using an anemometer

Directions for scheduling a field trip to rhec

  1. Field trip scheduling begins in the middle of May for the following school year.  
  2. Call 469-5614 Debra Early-Magouyrk, the Mathematics/Science Department Secretary, to check field trip availability. 
  3. Prior to your field trip time you will receive an email from Debra Early-Magouryk which contains information on scheduling transportation as well as choosing the programs in which you would like your students to participate.
  4. Review the content of our programs by clicking on either "2nd Grade Programs" or "5th Grade Programs" at the top of this page.  Look over the program curriculum and correlation to the Florida State Science Standards.  Choose the programs which will best suit the needs of your students.
  5. After selecting three programs, complete the 2nd or 5th Grade Program Request Form, scan and and e-mail it to Debra Early-Magouyrk at  Please email this a minimum of two weeks  prior to your visit.
  6. A minimum of three weeks prior to your visit to RHEC, ask your school office to generate a Bus Request Form (Click on ECSD Transportaion Information at the top of the page), add the school information and code to the form and forward to Debra Early-Magouyrk
  7. Confirm your scheduled bus and program choices with Debra Early-Magouyrk at 469-5614 at least 2 weeks in advance. 

Student observing a chrysalis