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Job Assessment Tool


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Job Classification and Compensation Study

The JAT system was down this past weekend, therefore the deadline has been extended
to Monday, September 28th at 5 PM.


Important Information about the Job Classification and Compensation Study for all Educational Support, Administrative, and Professional employees.

Evergreen Solutions, LLC (Evergreen) has been contracted by the School District to conduct a Districtwide Job Classification and Compensation Study focused on administrative, professional, and educational support positions.

Schedule of Events

Multiple orientation sessions will be presented by Evergreen on September 8 and 9, 2015 to accommodate as many employees as possible.   Any employee can attend any of the orientations.  Schedules for the orientation sessions showing times and locations are attached to this correspondence.  An orientation held at the J.E. Hall center room 160 will be recorded and placed on the School District Web site for viewing at your convenience if you cannot attend an orientation session in person.

A Job Assessment Tool (JAT) will be explained at the orientation and will need to be completed by all employees involved in the job studyThe JAT will be active from September 11, 2015 until September 28, 2015.  An informational letter from Evergreen will be disseminated prior to September 11, 2015 with the web site address to access the JAT.  How to complete the JAT will be covered in the orientation session and the informational letter.

Administrative, professional, and educational support personnel will be interviewed in one-on-one sessions or as part of a focus group for large groups of employees with the same job classification.  The schedule for focus groups and individual employees will be disseminated prior to the events occurring.  There will be at least three weeks of interviews.  Week one will be September 14 – 18, 2015.   A list of the individual and group interviews will be disseminated prior to September 14, 2015.  If your job classification is not listed for a group or individual interview during the first week of interviews, it will be scheduled during one of the later interview sessions.