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Bookkeeper Forms

Internal Funds Guides:

 Internal Funds Policy Manual

■ Chapter 8 - Florida Department of Education Redbook

■ Fundraising Guidelines Manual

■ Outside Support Organizations Guidelines (2016)

■ SOP-Lost, Stolen or Damaged District Property

Audit Areas:

■ Internal Funds Audit Areas

Disbursement Related Forms:

■ Purchase Request/Request for Purchase Order (RFP), 9500-INT-021

■ Request Purchase Utilitizing Puchasing Card

■ Purchase Order, 9500-INT-019

■ Petty Cash Voucher, 9500-INT-514

■ Remittance Advice Form (1 per page), 9500-INT-503-B

■ Remittance Advice Form (2 per page), 9500-INT-503

■ W-9 Form

■ Long Distance Charge Report (1 per page), 9500-INT-009-B

■ Long Distance Charge Report (2 per page), 9500-INT-009

■ Sales Tax Certificate of Exemption, DR-14

■ Out of State Purchase Return, DR-15 MO

■ Request for Playground Equipment, MIS-502

■ Superintendent Approval Form, 9500-INT-509

■ Report of Accounts Payable

Receipt Related Forms:

■ Monies Collected Form (MCF), 9500-INT-016

■ Official Receipt, 9500-INT-020

■ Donation Letter (Examples)

■ School Store - Daily Sales Report, 9500-INT-512

■ Report of Saleable Inventory, 9500-INT-513

■ Returned Check Log, 9500-INT-508

■ Victims/Merchants Information Packet

■ Unverified Funds (1 per page)

■ Unverified Funds (2 per page)

Miscellaneous Forms:

■ SOP 13-01-h4 Lost, Stolen or Damaged District Property

■ Fund Raising Request/Reconciliation

■ Fundraiser Log Sheet

■ Ticket Sales & Reconciliation Report (High School), 9500-INT-500

■ Ticket Sales & Reconciliation Report, (Middle School)

■ Request for Transfer (1 per page), 9500-INT-502

■ Request for Transfer (2 per page), 9500-INT-502

■ OSO Annual Authorization Form

■ Report of Acquired Property (PC-3), 9500-PRP-006

■ Equipment Loan Form (MIS-500)

■ In County Travel Voucher Reimbursement Claim (T-1)

■ Request for Travel Authorization (T-2)

■ Travel Reimbursement Claim Form (T-3)

■ Rental Car Cost Analysis

■ Prepayment Request Form (Travel)

■ Cell Phone Reimbursement, 9500-INT-504

■ Request for Wireless Device, 9500-INT-516

■ Standard Operating Procedures for Wireless Devices

■ Chain of Custody Form

■ Monthly Log Report Instructions and Example

■ Monthly Log Report

■ Internal Funds Monthly Report Checklist