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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Whom should I contact for help with a technology question?

A: Your first contact should always be to the your school-based Technology Coordinator. Technology Coordinators work with IT staff to resolve any issues that they are unable to resolve on their own. If you have an emergency that you are unable to work through with your Technology Coordinator, contact the IT Service Desk by phone (note that e-mail and web submissions are automatically routed to the Technology Coordinator first). The IT Service Desk will be able to help you more efficiently if you have a ticket number that you could reference. We also have the following leaders to assist you if aren’t being helped through the normal channels:



Q: How do I determine if web resources are appropriate to use in the classroom?

A: Refer to the Guidelines for Acceptable Use of District Information Systems posted online under “Staff”, “District Plans and Guidelines”, “Acceptable Use Policy” (Online Safety). Note that it is very comprehensive. Instructional Technology Teachers are a good resource if you have specific questions.


Q: Do we have any self-help tools available for staff?

A: The district’s Teacher and Employee Portals have a link to HelpDesk. This site contains a forum with general announcements and a search feature to search all of the content. IT staff try to put information that is pertinent to all employees at this location. In addition, we have some specific courses available in Moodle for various other systems including the Finance & Payroll System, Focus Gradebook, and the Student Information System.


Q: How do I determine what technology my school should purchase?

A: The IT Department and the Purchasing Department work together to standardize as many of our hardware and software purchases as possible so implementation will be easier for everyone involved. The IT Department posts quotes for various standard configurations in Moodle in the IT Online Community. Updated quotes for standard configurations should be available from the beginning of school until the deadline to make purchases. The Purchasing Department also conducts an annual bid and posts the results of the bid on the Purchasing Department web site. New software purchases that must be integrated with other systems or new hardware configurations must be evaluated carefully before purchase to ensure that they will operate easily within our system.